Stoic Planner

Meet Aretê Planner – the first 90-day planner to combine ancient Stoic philosophy with a process-based, target achievement, and self-improvement system.

Ever since being introduced to Stoicism by Tim Ferriss and Ryan Holiday, I’ve been trying to incorporate their teachings into my life. Having a daily planner that follows the same principles is long overdue!

Aretê’s unique system gives you full-page daily, weekly, and monthly spreads making it easy to stay on top of your top priorities and targets and track the positive daily habits that contribute most to success.

Monthly Plan
Weekly Plan

Evening meditations let you reflect like a Stoic, helping you improve day by day. The Stoic Challenges give you a chance to practice Stoicism in the real world, helping you develop skills to cope in any situation. Beautifully designed, you’ll look forward to starting every morning with Aretê.

Daily Plan

On the outside, you get a stylish, classic look which reflects the values of stoicism perfectly.

Aretê is a tool that will help you live a happier, simpler, minimal, and more purpose-filled life through the tenets of Stoicism and positive habit formation.  The project is live on Kickstarter now and is waiting for your pledge!

Get the Aretê Planner on Kickstarter now!

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