Stir Kinetic Desk

The Stir Kinetic Desk seeks to combat the lethargy and unhealthy posture we are plagued with while working long days in the office. You can preset your sitting and standing times and the desk tracks the amount of calories burnt while standing, as well as moving the desk up and down gently in Whisperbreath mode, keeping you active throughout the day.

By double tapping the interface touchscreen you can go from a sitting to standing position; this movement contributes greatly to increased health, happiness, and productivity. Powered by software, the desk adapts to your work style, learning your preferences and patterns to give you a better experience.

The desk has built-in ports for both AC and USB power. So your desk will be neat, clean, and devoid of wires to distract you from zoning in on your work.


The Stir Kinetic Desk moves with you throughout your day, helping to keep you fit, energized, and inspired. Go from a seated to a standing position with a simple double tap on the touchscreen. This little bit of movement has big payoffs: increased health, happiness, and productivity.


The Stir Kinetic Desk also learns from your patterns and preferences. In active mode, the Whisperbreath feature gently moves the desk up and down one inch, inviting you to change position. It’s a gentle, tactile reminder to breathe deeply and change things up. The desk learns when it’s best to remind you, so that being more active is effortless.


The Stir Kinetic Desk is equipped with bluetooth and wi-fi hardware so we can roll out syncing with wellness and fitness apps.The Stir Kinetic Desk has built-in ports for both AC and USB power. So your desk will be neat, clean, and free of pesky cords that can distract you from being inspired or anchor you in a sitting position.


The Stir Kinetic desk will move you physically — and creatively. You can select from two desktop finishes: polished white and espresso. You can also choose from one of four underside colors: kelly green, ultramarine, crimson, charcoal, each with a matching power cord.


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