Small Home Upgrades That Have Big Effects

Home is where the heart is, as the saying goes, and it is where most people start and end their everyday lives. A home is meant to make its occupants feel safe and secure. It is also a place for relaxation as well as a place to have a family. Modifications and personal touches are what turns a house into a home. It’s all about maintenance and upgrades.

Here are small home upgrades but with big effects that you can do:

Garage Door

The garage is a significant part of your home. It keeps your car safe, and if you live in an area with a humid subtropical climate, you can use your garage to store your tools and protect them from the harsh elements. Give your garage some love by updating it. Here are some things you can do:

  • Install garage doors – If you currently have an open garage, have a door installed for added protection.
  • Switch garage doors – Your wooden door may be on its last days. Instead of giving it a new look with fresh paint, switch it out for a steel or aluminum one.
  • Change styles – Garage doors can either be a push-up, push-out, side-sliding, or roll-up type. Your push-up or roll-up garage door may be taking up ceiling space, so change it to a push-out or side-sliding one to clear your ceiling.
  • Go for repairs – Stop struggling and call a garage door company to help you. They can check what needs to be changed or fixed and they can provide professional advice on what would make your garage door better.

Security System

There was a time when securing your home meant building a fence around your house, installing screen doors, and putting deadbolts on your inner doors. Today, having a security system in place adds to your peace of mind. A reliable security system has the following features:

  • Auto lock – Once enabled, the security system automatically locks every door and window that is connected to its system.
  • Auto light – Lights can be instantly switched on based on a schedule or when motion is detected at a predefined area.
  • Auto alert – This is an excellent feature for a security system as it can either alert the police, alert you, or both the moment intrusion is detected.
  • Remote access – This allows the user to check on video surveillance from virtually anywhere. Advance implementation can also include the ability to remotely control the entire security system.

Shelves and Racks

If you are the do-it-yourself type of person, having a place to organize your tools is another excellent small upgrade to your home. You can put up shelves or racks to store your tools in your basement or garage. You can also use these to organize other things such as kitchenware, books, shoes, and toys. Having a place for everything helps prevent clutter in your home and makes finding an item quick and easy.


One of the best things that can add value to your home is having a well-maintained lawn and a garden. Lot area varies, and some homes may have fields for a yard and a garden. Others may have room for either a small lawn or a garden, while some may not have any space at all. 

For limited areas, potted plants are the best way to spruce up your home. They can be placed outdoors and indoors, and you can choose from different species that bring added benefits to your place such as:

  • Repelling insects
  • Adding fragrance
  • Filtering the air


Walls can look bare. A paint upgrade, especially one with unique designs, may cost a significant amount although it probably will not break the bank. Still, wall paint may come off as ordinary. 

An option to consider is wallpaper. Modern wallpaper can easily be cleaned. High-quality wallpapers have a good lifespan, at times even longer than paint, which gives great value for its cost. Wallpapers come in different varieties and you can choose one based on:

  • Pattern
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Material

You can mix and match to your heart’s desire! 


You may not realize it but simply changing your lights can do wonders for your home. Light intensity affects the liveliness of a room or space. If an area has bright lights, it gives off an active vibe. Dim lights, on the other hand, lower down the energy level and are well-suited for relaxing. Colored lights can change the mood of a room. For example:

  • Red – Red sets the mood for love and can help boost energy for people who are fatigued.
  • Blue – This color has a calming effect.
  • Yellow – Yellow has a soothing effect to the stomach and it aids digestion. This is great for dining rooms or breakfast nooks.
  • Orange – Orange is a color for creativity. If you bring your work home or you work from home, having an orange light you can switch on anytime may help you improve your productivity.
  • Purple – If you long for that deep slumber, switch to a purple light. You can connect it to a timer so that it turns off after a certain period. Purple light helps lower down stress and helps empty your mind so that you can fall asleep quickly.

You don’t have to change your main lights. A lamp will do.

Home upgrades don’t have to be complicated. The tips above are simple and easy to do but can significantly change the look and mood of your space. As a parting tip, prioritize home maintenance first and then start with minor updates. If there’s nothing to fix, then there’s nothing to worry about.

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