Simply Beautiful Exterior Design Tips for Minimalists

As a home curator with a minimalist streak, your design ethos should extend well beyond your home’s interior. Indeed, the exterior of your home is one of the most exciting aspects of your overall property to play with in order toachieve a beautiful, contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. This article walks you through some of the most beautifulexterior design elements that, together, can work to astound neighbors and impress guests, serving as a sign of things to come inside your immaculate and simplehome.

Simple Surfaces

Brickwork and signs of the materials behind your home’s construction can be a little distracting and overwhelming, especially when compared to the minimal interior look that you’ve been working on achieving. That’snot to say that you can’t work around the creatively, but on the whole,a more clean-cut and tailored siding can reallymake your exterior pop with character. Your best option is to find siding replacement companies if you’re looking to spruce up your home’s exterior surfacing.

Front Path

Many homes have some kind ofpath to join the public road to which they’re adjoined. It might seem a minor detail, but the style of this path can have hugeimplications for how your home is seenin general. A simpletarmac or concrete path might seem minimal, but it’s without any sense of design. Instead, consider large grey slabs, or even wooden slats, to give your home a more charming and unique aura.

Windows and Frames

Windows are hugely crucialfor letting light into your homeand equally important on your exterior. They’re the most prominent features on the outside of your house, which means that to make them look beautiful, you should look at new and minimalist window frame ideas online. Traditional window frames are a little jarring against minimalist tastes, so you’re going to have to find a way to bend them to your owndesign ethos.

Garden Features

For minimalist gardening tips, you need notlook further than the Persians, the Indians, andthe Japanese. These three great garden designing cultures know how to make simple, symmetrical and frankly paradisiacal vistas with few materials and just the right amount of greenery and shrubbery. You don’t want your garden to distract away from your exterior, but at the same time,you should carefully consider how you could reform your front gardenor lawn to make it more agreeable to your overall exterior design expectations.

Small Additional Details

It goes without saying thatthe fewer additional details you choose to decorate your home exterior with, the more minimalist your home will seem. However, there are some lovely, tiny touches which cantrulybring out the best in a beautiful, sleek and simple exterior. Consider, for instance, erection a small and simpleconcrete birdbath, or a white-paneled birdhouse. How about a stark lattice-work feature on either side of your door to help climbing plants contrast againstthe human-madematerials your home is constructedfrom? The choice is yours, but you’ll find plenty of inspiration online for such features.

Minimalist exteriors are notoriously difficult to constructbut equally incredibly rewarding to behold finally. Hopefully, the tips provided above will help usher you towards your dream minimalist home exterior.

Author: Lucy Parks has been working in the fashion industry for six years. A dedicated follower of all things fashion and beauty, she is passionate about new industry developments. Lucy is now a full time freelance fashion writer.   
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