One night in silky soft cotton sheets at a reasonable price

We spend a third of our life sleeping, so comfy bedsheets is really something you should invest in. Having said that, even the cosiest sheet makes me chuckle at prices over $200. I personally feel there’s a limit to spending even if its the most luxurious item in the category ever.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I got these 100% Cotton Sheets from California Design Den. These really nice and soft sheets at a reasonable price. They won’t compare to your fancy Egyptian 1k+ thread count sheets at premium prices, but if you are looking to spice up your bed sheet game without breaking the bank, then you should check them out. They come in many colors and patterns, from minimal to extravagant and vintage. I have the dotted design in the pictures and like it a lot!

You can buy them from Amazon.

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