Should You Buy a Samsung the Frame TV

If you’re planning on getting a TV and don’t want to settle for one with an ordinary LED display, then maybe it might be worth considering the Samsung the Frame TV.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of TV brands and products out there but sometimes you want something that’s different; something that stands out from the rest. Samsung’s Frame TV is one such TV. With its aesthetically-pleasing design, and a form factor unlike any other, you can be sure you’re getting something quite unique—and with a QLED panel upgrade, it’s also a huge upgrade from its initial 2017 iteration.

There has been a significant change to the Samsung the Frame TV design in 2021. It now comes with a slimmer shape, more bezel customization options, a tripod TV stand, and there is also the option to hang it in portrait (only for the 43-inch model, at least) or place on a wall-mounted shelf.

But what makes the Frame TV unique from the other TVs? Even if it does look good, is there any downside that’s not exactly obvious at first glance? This article will provide you with enough information you need to know about Samsung’s Frame TV, starting from the pricing and sizing, to the kind of technology that’s powering it.

What is the Frame TV?

Samsung the Frame TV is a designer TV from Samsung. Its design was based on that of a picture frame. This means that it comes in a thick metallic casing, quite different from the zero-bezel appearance of some of the brand’s TVs. The metallic frame gives the display a firm outline and makes such a huge impact in one’s living room aesthetic.

The Frame TV comes with several different color options for its frame, too: white, black, beige, brown, clay beige, and burgundy red.

One of the Frame TV’s most notable features is the Art Mode—a television setting that displays photos, artworks, or paintings instead of just keeping the screen black when not in use. Think of it as an elevated smart TV display. And there’s no need to worry about using up too much power for the Art Mode, you’re only using a small amount of it compared to powering the TV down properly. This means that you’ll be able to adjust your TV to better match the décor or aesthetic of your home.

You can also find hundreds of artworks from renowned collections around the world from the Art Mode –including the Tate Gallery, Van Gogh Museum, and the V&A Museum.

You can place your Frame TV on a counter, but it will most likely look better with its No Gap Wall Mount, which will keep its flush to a wall and help it camouflage better with its surroundings.

What are the Available Sizes?

Although Samsung’s 2018 Frame TV model only came in three sizes—43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch—the newer models have since expanded its size options with a 32-inch, 49-inch, and even an impressive 75-inch model for 2020. The 2021 iteration retains all the size options, except for the 32-inch ones, although the company is set to release a smaller version of the TV later in the year.

With the different size options available, we can say that The Frame TV comes with a huge amount of variety and can be catered to any specific room situation. Whether you want a massive TV screen for your home theater, or a small, cute display that can be easily mounted on a shelf, the Samsung the Frame TV can do it all.

The small size model is kind of unusual for such a premium TV set. This is because most people expect second-rate parts for smaller TVs. With the Frame TV’s 32-inch models, there is a visible drop in video resolution, from 4K UHD to just Full HD (1080p). However, you won’t really notice much on such a compact screen. The Frame TV’s 32-inch model fills the demand in the market for a transferable TV that can fit in with any space regardless of the size.

The smaller size model was designed specifically to blend effortlessly with the bedroom décor, unlike other larger versions of the set. The smaller model comes with a mini One Connect Box, for keeping its cables tidied up. It also comes with a flexible lean-back stand so you can opt to watch the TV horizontally or vertically.

Is it Worth the Hype?

If you want to elevate the look of your living room (or bedroom) with the addition of a TV set, the Frame TV from Samsung might be an investment worth considering. But this only depends on what you want out of a TV—if you are looking for a TV with the best picture quality and sound for its price, there are probably other better options out there. But if you want a TV that will look extra-stylish and will match the décor of your home, whether on or off, then the Frame TV is a great choice for you.

Should you buy it?

If you care more about the TV’s design than its picture quality, then no doubt the Frame TV is a good choice. It combines a next-level design that doesn’t only add warmth but beauty to your home, with its 4K panel and unique Art Mode function.

Samsung the Frame TV isn’t like any ordinary TV, so obviously it comes at an extra cost. Its price starts at $999 for the 43-inch model, and you have to pay another $100 for a frame bezel. This isn’t cheap. It can be considered a lifestyle TV, which will definitely not disappoint those who are design-conscious or those who want the design and appearance of their home to be cohesive. The Frame TV is available at $999 for the 43-inch model, $1,299 for the 50-inch model, $1,499 for the 55-inch model, $1,999 for the 65-inch model, and $2,999 for the 75-inch one. Its customizable bezels come in different sizes, but range from anywhere between $99 to $199.

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