Reusable Cotton Rounds: Stay Beautiful While Protecting The Environment

Cotton is a natural ingredient that grows on trees, so surely they can’t be that bad for the environment, right? Well, that’s where people are wrong, cotton is a lot more damaging than experts are letting on, which is leading to problems. It also means keeping an eco-friendly beauty regime is getting harder and harder. Luckily reusable cotton rounds are here to save the day.

The Problem With Cotton Rounds

There are so many issues that come with cotton rounds, making it hard to know where to start.

So, let’s start from the beginning:The production of cotton uses a lot of water, like A LOT. It’s thought that to grow one pound of cotton, it uses 101 gallons of fresh water. That means one t-shirt uses the same amount of water as one person would drink for three years.

With freshwater depleting, it’s more important than ever to think about ways to reduce water usage. And it’s not just the amount of water cotton uses to grow, it’s the pesticides used on the cotton. Pesticides are super toxic for humans and the environment, and to make it worse, the toxins are very long-lasting.

It’s actually been classed as the world’s dirtiest crop due to the pesticides used. If you go to This Tailored Life, they note that cotton farming accounts for 18% of the world’s pesticide use, and an even bigger 25% of the insecticides.

With all these chemicals being used, it’s no wonder why it’s being vilified. To make it worse, these chemicals are known to cause problems like ADHD and congenital disabilities. 

And it doesn’t stop with humans; these pesticides are the number one suspect for the decline of bees. Without bees, plants would struggle to pollinate, which could lead to a massive crash in the ecosystem. 

The final point is, cotton rounds tend to be a single-use product. They can only be used once before being chucked away. And this just feels like a terrible waste of resources.    

Are Reusable Cotton Rounds Safe?

This is the primary concern people have with reusable cotton rounds. And it’s easy to understand why; no one wants terrible skin.

Luckily there’s nothing to fear with reusable cotton rounds, as long as they are looked after correctly.

Reusable cotton rounds are actually safer than their disposable counterpart. Most of the time, the materials are eco-friendlier, and no harmful chemicals get used in the production process.

Reusable cotton pads should be regularly washed to make sure they stay hygienic. This takes more effort than disposable cotton rounds, but hey, who said saving the world was easy?

So, the next question that needs to be answered is, how are reusable cotton rounds cleaned?

How To Keep Reusable Cotton Rounds Hygienic

Reusable cotton rounds can be just as hygienic as the disposable cotton ball. Just follow this simple guide to get the most out of reusable rounds:

  1. Once the cotton round is finished with, place it in a tub of water to soak.; this helps prevent staining
  2. Once enough cotton rounds are soaking for a wash, it’s time to rinse them out
  3. Run them under warm water until it runs clear
  4. Squeeze out the excess water and place the rounds into a mesh bag 
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for washing the pads in the machine
  6. Once the wash is finished place them out to dry or use the tumble dryer
  7. Once dry store the pads in a clean and dry container

And that’s it, washing cotton rounds doesn’t take much extra effort, but the results it can have on the planet are worth it.

With the demand for cotton becoming higher and higher, it’s more important than ever to lower its consumption. 

Recommended Reusable Cotton Rounds 

Hopefully, by now, reusable cotton rounds are looking more appealing than ever. They’re better for the planet and very easy to keep clean. Traditional cotton is terrible for the environment due to the single-use nature, but these cotton rounds are reusable and eco-friendly:

Green Estate Cotton Rounds

These cotton rounds are made using microfiber material and come with 14 rounds on the pack. The microfiber makes the rounds soft, durable, and super easy to clean. The cotton rounds have two color tones, use the black side for removing makeup, or flip it to the white side to apply foundation. Green Estate cotton rounds come with a small mesh bag for storing the cotton rounds. But this can also double a wash and tumble dryer bag.

Ositoeco Cotton (Bamboo)

Their cotton rounds come entirely free of plastic. The 15 pads come stored in a stylish bamboo box. They also come with a wash bag that is safe for the washing machine. The pads themselves are made with 30% cotton and 70% bamboo, making these far eco-friendlier than standard cotton. Each pad features a finger opening in the pads; this is to make it easier to use then pinching the pads.

Spaces Organic Cotton Rounds

The pack has 20 reusable cotton rounds in the package. They work fantastically at removing makeup and don’t damage the skin because they are organic. Its packaging features no plastic wrapping, and they come with a laundry bag to make it easier to clean. The reusable pads are made with a mixture of bamboo and cotton and use no chemicals in the manufacturing process.


Traditional cotton rounds are causing far more harm than manufacturers lead people to believe. The amount of water cotton uses to farm is cause enough for concern. And it’s only made worse with the use of harmful pesticides. In the US, eight of the ten most commonly used pesticides are classed as harmful to health.

These chemicals are known to cause birth defects and so much more, yet farmers still use them. To stop damage continuing the most logical decision is to switch to reusable cotton rounds. Using reusable cotton pads reduces the demand for cotton, which can help save the environment in the long run.

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