How to Know It’s the Right Time to Repaint Your Home?

Repainting your home is no easy tasks. But depending on the condition of your previous paint, doing so can save your skin. So, if you are interested in painting your home over again but are not sure whether you should wait or do it, then we have a few things for you.

Refer the Calendar

When was your house painted for the last time, do you remember it? The ideal time between painting a home is 5-15 years. So, how do you know when is it right for you to have your house painted? Geography plays an important role showing how fast the paint will deteriorate.

Look around, andin the boulder, areas with mild weather mean your home isn’t a victim ofextreme humidity or extreme temperature that wrecks the paint. In case you had hand paint job, the paint can last you nearly tenyears.

See How the Current Paint is Holding Up

If time is out of the question, then you need to put your sense to the test. Take a close look at the paint and go beyond eye level. You have to examine every corner and crevice. Look at every spot including eaves and window casing.

Look for bubbles, cracking and even fading. You need to see where water collects near the gutterand check for sights of rotten woods where the paint doesn’t protect subsurface.  Moreover,run your hand over the paint and see if it feels chalky? Thisshows the paint deteriorates and it’s time to repaint.

Quality of Paint

Paysons Painting stresses the quality of paint. Maintaining a vibrant look for a long time is important.Quality Work speaks for itself as it makes your home look good and inviting. Thisis the reason that most people start with exterior paint job when they renovate their homeor trying to sell or rent it.

But before you apply paint, you must clean and sand the surface for promising results. A bad paint job will sooner expose your subsurface to weather and other elements and can damage your home. It is a major turn off for potential renters or buyers.

In short, the money you saved will cost you more in the long term. Therefore, you need to hire experienced professionals to take care of the paint job.

Check if the Exterior is Stressed Out

In most cases, you don’t need a deep analysis to decide whether you should repaint or not. The current state of your house is evidence enough. Speaking of which, following we will discuss theobvious signs that sayyour house is in dire need of a new paint job.

Morphed Paint

UV rays and Sun wreak havoc on your paint, andit transformsthe current shade intosomething else. For example, beige can turn into pink, etc.To assure your paint lasts a while, you need to use a paint that is designed to withstand the cruelty of sun.

It Chipped and Peels Off

Thisis among the worst-case scenarios. After fading away and chalking, the worst thing you can consider is chipped paint peeling off. This issue is very visible, andit can embarrass you. So, don’t wait until it comes to this. Paint your home to control the damage.

Painting your home before the situation gets any worse saves you from prepping work. Yes, you will get rid of the old paint so you can apply the newer coats without any issue.

In short, every single of your worst nightmares has happened as the paint has dried rotten, has mold on it and suffering from flaking, cracking and even bubbling.

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