How to Refresh Your Living Room

As you know, spring is the perfect time for all types of changes, renovations, cleaning and similar things. While you’re at your big spring cleaning, you might want to change something in your house. And why not start from the busiest and most conspicuous part of it – your living room.

Depending on how much you want the change, and how much money you can afford to spend, you can opt for adding small details or simply change the placement of your furniture. If you’re up for some serious changes, you can go as far as buying brand new furniture. In any case, whatever the scale of your spring living room redesigning, options are countless. And here are a few hot trends for this season, just to give you a sense what’s in this spring.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

One of the biggest up and coming trends this spring/summer are geometric patterns on just about everything. The bolder interior decorators have gone so far as to suggest painting your walls with some interesting geometric patterns, like triangles. The more cautious ones simply advise getting furniture or accessories with this theme.

One of the safest and the most striking things you can do is get a carpet with a geometric theme, as well as some cushions for your sofa to match. Whatever path you decide to go with, rectangles, squares and triangles will be everywhere this season, so get on the bandwagon as soon as possible and be considered a trendsetter, rather than a follower.

More Plants, Please

Seeing greenery relaxes us, in fact even the color green has a soothing effect on us. So why not have more of it in our homes? One thing which prevents a lot of people from having greenery around their homes is the effort it takes to keep it alive and well.

However, there are countless plants which require low maintenance, and the argument is no longer valid. What’s more, the pots which house these plants are more often than not an ideal accessory which can accentuate the theme you are trying to create in your home.

Velvet Sofas

One of the biggest changes you can make in your living room is to replace the old sofa for something fresh and new. Velvet is making a comeback it hasn’t seen for decades and this year is all about velvet and bold colors it can pull off. The main reason why velvet is making a comeback is the luxurious feel and look of the fabric, something interior decorators really appreciate.

Whether you want to go bold and experimental, or just keep it safe, buying a new sofa is a sure way to attract attention of your visitors and to put your decorative skills on display.

TV Furniture Fixtures

In the tech-oriented previous years, the TV was almost obligatorily mounted on a wall mount and not placed on any kind of furniture. While that seems to be highly practical and space-conserving, it is very unappealing from the aesthetic point of view, expect if the whole house is not designed in a highly futuristic manner.

Fortunately, most people have tired of this fad and are slowly returning to the almost forgotten TV units. These units an take a wide range of shapes and sizes, and have numerous shelves and storage units within them, making them not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical.

Redecorating your home is typically not something you can do on a whim and not something you do every year, most likely due to money constraints. However, if this is your year, pay attention to the trends which are gaining support.

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