ProTravel Carry-on

The ProTravel Carry-on by Minaal makes packing, traveling, and the laborious – dreaded – effort of unpacking a much easier affair. It’s a backpack that packs like a suitcase.

Everything has been taken into account by the designers: you’ll have instant access to all of your stuff because of the full length zips, so no more packing the important items at the top and having to dig deep down when you realise that you’ve packed wrong!

Lie-flat packing ensures you’ll be able to pack and unpack fast, and there is no need to worry about your delicate electronic gadgets getting damaged thanks to a secure compartment with a neoprene sleeve. As an added bonus it has a seam-sealed rain cover that can be slipped on and removed easily so those who enjoy braving all kinds of weather needn’t worry about their valuables!

Check out their Kickstarter to pledge!

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