Protecting Rental Properties: Keeping it Green and Safe with Water Filters in Melbourne

In the bustling, cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, a significant percentage of the populace live in rented properties. Recent statistics show that about 30% of all households are rental dwellings. Amidst this landscape, a major concern for both landlords and tenants alike is to keep these spaces as eco-friendly and safe as possible. An essential consideration in this context is the quality of water used daily. By investing in high-quality water filters, you can ensure that you contribute positively to your environment while protecting the health of your tenants.

The Importance of Water Filters

The vital role played by water filters cannot be overstated. Clean, safe water is fundamental to overall health and wellbeing. For landlords, a reliable filtration system removes contaminants like lead, chlorine, and bacteria from tap water, safeguarding users against potentially harmful health issues, and also safeguarding rental property from potential water-related damages.

Health Benefits

With a superior quality filter installed in your rental property, rest assured your tenants are mostly clear from water-related health issues. Filtered water substantially reduces risks related to skin irritations, gastrointestinal diseases, and even cancer caused by toxins present in unfiltered faucet water.

Improves Taste and Smell

In addition to health benefits, filtered water also tastes better. It removes any unpleasant odour or flavour arising from different pollutants which also enhances its taste tremendously.

Economic Factor

While an upfront investment is required for installing a water filter system, down the line it proves to be an economic choice saving on bottled water costs and causing less plastic waste.

The Eco-Friendly Advantage

By opting for filtered tap water over bottled ones in your rental property, you are making an environmentally conscious move. It drastically reduces the use of plastic bottles, thereby contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

Increasing Property Value

Safe, filtered water is a selling point that sets your property apart from others, and significantly enhances its tenant appeal as well as market value.

Endorsing Positive Tenant Relationships

Beyond material gains, investing in your tenants’ wellbeing by providing filtered water for use substantiates your goodwill and fosters positive landlord-tenant relationships.

Choosing the Right Filter

Selecting a suitable filter for your Melbourne property can seem challenging at first. But it tends to become clearer once you learn about the most common contaminants affecting water quality in this area and decide to tackle them effectively.

Melbourne’s Water Quality Issues

Melbourne’s tap water generally meets Australian drinking water standards yet contains substances like fluoride, chlorine, and sometimes lead which adversely affect its taste and safety. By selecting a filter that deals with these substances, you ensure better protection for your tenants.

Types of Filters

In general, you have countertop filters, under-sink filters, whole house filters or bottle filters. Decide upon the type depending on the level of filtration required for your rental property and available space.

Maintenance Required

The upkeep aspect of any filter system should not be overlooked as frequent maintenance at regular intervals affects its performance and lifespan.

Professional Installation Service

A professional installation service does more than just mounting the filter correctly. Trained installers also explain how to utilise these filters optimally so they last longer, thus saving you future repair costs.

Product Warranty

To safeguard your investment, always ensure that your chosen filter product comes with a reasonable guarantee. It provides you with peace of mind against unexpected breakdowns and breakdown costs.

A Safe, Well Filtered Future

By installing water filters in your Melbourne rental properties, you are setting the benchmark for providing a healthy, safe, and eco-friendly living atmosphere for residents. It also brings tangible benefits such as increased property desirability and value.

End Thoughts

Providing access to filtered water in your Melbourne rentals bespeaks your commitment towards health, safety and sustainability which indeed is a cause worth investing in.

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