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If you are moving to a new office, or you are just opening your office, there are a lot of things to think about, not least of which is the office furniture. There are so many different options available, and you may fall into the trap of choosing something that is popular, but completely impractical for the line of work you choose.

What you need to do is sit down and figure out what kind of an office plan you want, as well as the concept of your office. However, even with all the picking and choosing, there are some things that are practically mandatory for a modern office, like a safe and secure filing cabinet or practical and functional light fixtures.

Ergonomic Chairs and Desks

Sitting in the office all day can be stressful in more ways than just one. We did not evolve to sit for extended periods of time, and after a while, you may start experiencing discomfort and even develop something known as repetitive strain injury, which is any damage to the musculoskeletal system caused by a prolonged or repetitive mechanical compression or awkward position.

However, since these problems have become more prevalent and common, there have been plenty of adaptations and innovations to combat these problems. The most famous adaptations are the ergonomic chairs. These chairs adapt to your body and support it through the long sitting sessions, ensuring that your circulation and nerves are not locked anywhere.

Lately, there have been innovations in the design of desks as well. These ergonomic desks enable your hands and arms to rest comfortably on the surface of the desk, preventing such unpleasant injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar tunnel syndrome in the wrist or elbow area.

Reception and Lounge Areas

A lot of offices have a reception area, as a mediator between the outside world and the inner areas of the office. There, customers and business clients can wait for their appointments and it is the perfect place to leave a good impression on them. Make sure to have comfortable and practical chairs like these, as well as some entertainment options in case they have to wait for long.

However, lounge areas are not only useful to greet guests. Workers can use them to relax and unwind during their breaks or during team building exercises.

Modular Furniture Makes Sense

If you are opening a new office, chances are that you are not looking forward to creating a traditional cubicle layout of the office. More and more companies are abandoning this approach to office space design. Instead, they opt for the open space plans, which enable people to socialize and share ideas, which is becoming more important in the new economy. Even though privacy may be limited in an office like that, it has still proven to be a better method.

When designing an open plan office, you need to make sure that people can collaborate easily. Modular desks can be disassembled and reassembled fairly quickly, so you can make a different arrangement depending on your needs. This is ideal for companies which work on project basis. Once a team is assigned a project, they can be grouped together, and once the project is done, they can go on their way working on different things with different people, all the while keeping their desks. Modular furniture is also great if you expect your company to grow, you will be able to simply add more desks.

Even if designing an office is not among your top skills and interests, you should still be able to come up with an approximation of what you want. You can then work with an interior decorator or another kindof a professional to help you set up the ideal office.

Thomas Boyd has worked in offices for long enough to develop an interest in what makes them tick. With a background in graphic design, it was not too difficult to adapt to the new passion of office desing.

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