NOK.GEAR – A Minimal Yet Brutal Chainsaw

NextOfKin creatives have reinvented the chunky and clumsy chainsaw concept we’ve become a custom to. Not sure if its practical or who will buy it but it sure will look cool against some flesh in an American Psycho remake.

NOK.GEAR - A Minimal Yet Brutal Chainsaw

As part of an internal initiative to explore aesthetics and user experiences related to hardware tools, nextofkin creatives developed “a lightweight chainsaw for the functional-luxe tribes”. The simple juxtaposition of two adjacent rectangular frames provide a robust structure holding the engine, the chain catcher and a separate grip area for the handle. The interplay of simple modern forms and integration of textural materials creates a new aesthetic for tools in used in the outdoor domain.

NOK.GEAR - A Minimal Yet Brutal Chainsaw

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  1. Fail. Sell your 3-d renderings for a slasher video game, this will never make it to market. Or to the “functional-luxe” campsite.

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