Mujjo Low Key Sleeves

I’m not sure if the Netherlands-based company Mujjo knows that anything in stylish plain black leather is bound to catch my attention. When I checked my mailbox this week, there were two leather sleeves waiting for me – one for the iPhone, one for the iPad. And they are gorgeous! Just like my beloved Macbook Air is made out of one piece of Alumininum, these sleeves re made out of one single piece of leather. It looks so elegant and when you take the sleeve in your hand, you’ll instantly notice the quality of the materials.


An integrated pocket enables you to conveniently store a few bank/ID cards for quick access, and perfect for eliminating bulky pockets. We don’t like to carry a lot in our pockets. We don’t like bulky pockets or fat wallets because they are uncomfortable. The leather wallet sleeve is designed to carry your iPhone and most important cards in one sleek package. Developed because most of the time, you just need to carry around a few of your most important cards, some cash, and your iPhone.


The Low-key collection, derived from the adjective low·key (synonyms: understated, restrained): 1. Producing uniformly dark tones with few areas of contrast. 2. Exhibiting restrained good taste in style, quality or design, takes our sleeves to a new level, reworking every part of the design process from the ground up. Restrained in style and quality, the collections’ observably masculine character embodies well-considered materials in uniform dark tones, with few areas of contrast intensifying the understated design. The contrasting textures create tension by highlighting the slant and sleek lines while uniform dark tones amplify harmony.


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