Practical Tips for Moving To A New House

You might feel that being a minimalist is a big advantage when it comes to moving house because you have far fewer possessions than other people. That’s probably true, but it will still be a stressful process, and you will still have a lot of decisions to make and tasks to complete. Don’t underestimate the time it will take to prepare adequately for your move; instead, start as soon as possible making plans and getting ready for the big day.


One of the most stressful aspects of moving is all the paperwork and admin that goes with it. Dealing with realtors, the legal aspects, getting mortgage in place, and sorting out utilities and changes of address. These are all essential tasks that need to be completed and mustn’t be neglected. For example, if you’re moving out to the Californian coast for a life of sun and surfing, the last thing you need is to discover there’s a structural problem with your new home after you’ve moved in, so contact a firm that specializes in San Diego home inspections for a comprehensive survey of the property, so you will have peace of mind when you make the move. Have a look online, and you’ll find useful tools that will help you with some of the essential tasks like packing, address updates, and sorting utilities. Dealing with the less exciting chores a move entails will make the process far less stressful in the long run.


Before you start packing, look at what you have and what you can get rid of. You might be wondering why you need to get rid of anything when you are living in minimalist style anyway, but it’s surprising how possessions can start to build up again. Gifts, impulse purchases, new books, and magazines, new additions to your wardrobe; unless you are ruthless about taking something away every time you add something new, your clutter will soon start to mount up again. Use the moving process as an opportunity to go through all your belongings and willow out the things you don’t want or need, rather than packing them all for the move and then trying to sort it all out when you get there. You can avail of the packing service offered by your moving company especially if you have delicate or fragile items that require extra care and attention during the moving process. If you haven’t booked yet, use WhatManandVan to look for a reliable moving company near you that provides all types of moving such as flat removals, furniture removals, and many others.

Consider your new décor

Have a think about how everything will fit into your new home. First, where will everything go? What differences will you have in terms of storage at the new house? If you have more, you don’t want to be filling it up and losing the benefit of the extra room, and if you have less, how will you fit things in neatly and efficiently? Second, how will your decorative possessions look in your new home? Will your modern sculpture look out of place in your new rustic living room? This is a chance to refresh your style and ring the changes, either by repurposing what you have or replacing it with a new look.

A new home is a fresh chapter in your life, and if you put some effort into your preparation, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your move all the more.

Alec Neufeld is a retired builder, now freelance writer and part-time general fix it man. He has strong opinions on the use of alternate energy and is also an avid sports enthusiast.

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