Moving House? Here are 6 Tips to make it Easier

When you decide to relocate, it can be a life-changing decision that presents new challenges, opportunities, and experiences. Your routine is replaced by the moving tasks, and you suddenly find yourself in the hectic moving preparations. Moving your house may seem like a stressful task, but here are the tips that can help you to organize trouble free and smooth residential move. 

1.   Book Professional Movers:

Pick your movers in advance because most people prefer to move on the weekends, over the bank or school holidays. So don’t get caught out and make an early booking with professional movers. You can also get a free cost estimate at their website, but it’s better to bring a removal company representative to see your actual property and belongings before they offer you a quote. You surely don’t want to negotiate during the move because you forgot to mention a bed that needs moving. Movers can save you from added stress, effort, and time if you attempt to do it yourself. The Sydney Movers have years of experience of carefully packing, loading, and handling heavy and delicate items so they reach safely at your new place. 

2.   Declutter Your Belongings:

Decluttering is essential before moving house. Before packing your stuff, you should decide what to donate, sell, or throw out. Decluttering your belongings will also keep your removal costs down. You will be glad of it on moving day, and the removal guys will also be comfortable that they don’t need to shift your broken down computer and worn out sofa or chair. 

1.   Pack as Early as Possible:

Avoid making last minute arrangements when you are moving house. You probably have four to eight weeks to organize your stuff for moving day. You should start the packing procedure as early as possible and pack some stuff every day by making a checklist of your belongings. When you begin packing your house, make sure you have the required packing material like cartons of various sizes, tape, markers, sticker labels, and bubble wrap. 

2.   Create an Inventory:

Create an inventory of all your properties and belongings so that you can keep an eye on them. Inventory record helps to make sure that nothing is lost during the whole process of moving house. If you have hired a removal company for packing, they can create an inventory for you.

3.   Pack the least Used Items First:

A good starting point is packing the items you use the least. A storeroom, spare bedroom, attic, or garage are usually easy places to start. Do not pack the everyday items until the day before the move and keep valuable items such as jewelry, money, and medications separately. 

4.   Pack an ‘Essentials’ Bag: 

Pack a survival bag with all your personal essentials that you use daily and keep it with you all the time. Items such as face wash, toothbrush, change of clothes, phone chargers, and toilet papers, etc will all come in handy, so you can easily access them when your new home is filled with moving boxes. 

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