Most Popular Bathtubs – A Modern Take

When building your new home or remodeling an existing bathroom space, choosing between bathtubs is a significant decision. The material, size, and style can impact how relaxing and functional your bathtub can be. 

So, whether you are shopping for a porcelain bathtub or are considering alternative materials, this guide will help take you through the most popular modern bathtubs. 

Not All Bathtub Materials Are Equal 

Bathtubs can come in various materials and sizes to suit any need and decor. Here is a breakdown of some popular options. 

Acrylic Bathtubs 

Acrylic bathtubs are affordable, easy to install and clean and come in various colors and styles. Additionally, acrylic materials hold heat well for those long hot baths. 

However, they are not resistant to scratches, cracks, or stains. 

Porcelain Bathtubs 

Porcelain is suitable for many homeowners because of its durability. These tubs are also scratch and stain-resistant and easier to maintain and clean. 

However, a porcelain bathtub will be more expensive than some alternatives and can be more labor-intensive to install. 

Fiberglass Bathtubs 

Fiberglass bathtub options are lightweight and easy to install, clean, and maintain. It’s the least expensive bathtub material, but it does have drawbacks. 

Fiberglass bathtubs are not resistant to scratches, cracks, or stains. They also do not hold heat well and are not ideal for a soaker tub. 

Natural Stone Bathtubs 

Natural stone bathtub options can combine natural elements with a modern and luxurious style. These tubs are durable, comfortable, and suitable for any home decor. 

However, natural stone bathtubs are costly and can be extremely heavy, which limits where you can install them in a home. 

The Most Popular Modern Bathtub Designs 

Bathtubs come in all sizes and shapes, making it easy to choose one that fits your bathroom space and style. 


Alcove bathtubs are your standard tubs that fit into a space out of the way in the bathroom. This style makes the most use of a small bathroom while still providing a relaxing and inviting feeling to your bathroom space. 


Oval tubs are a modern twist on the standard rectangular bathtubs. Oval designs offer enough room to lie down and soak while creating a decorative flair to the bathroom. They can be freestanding or come in alcove models. 


A square tub is not a common choice. However, its sharp design edges offer a touch of drama that complements many modern bathroom decor styles.


Large soaker tubs give off an inviting and relaxing vibe to any bathroom. However, soaker tubs often require more space than other types, depending on the model. 


Tapered or asymmetrical tubs add an artistic flair to any bathroom with one end that sits higher. Additionally, taller individuals can enjoy the extra room this style offers. 


Freestanding bathtubs are classic yet modern. They range from straight bottom styles to clawfoot tubs, providing an extensive range of decor options. One benefit of a freestanding tub is how easy it is for you to clean since you can move around its perimeter easier than leaning over a traditional tub. 


Corner bathtubs can make the most use of limited space in a home. If you have a small bathroom or want to minimize your bathtub’s footprint, a corner model might be your best choice. 

The Takeaway 

Given all the different bathtub styles, materials, sizes, and colors available, selecting a bathtub for your modern bathroom can be an exciting and valuable investment for your home. Ultimately, no matter which style you choose, the best modern bathtub for you is one that fits your preferences and lifestyle.

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