Most Beautiful Houses in The Hamptons

The Hamptons is one of those places where every house evokes a kind of aura that most people can’t help but just admire how beautiful they were built. The houses here are probably what an aspiring architect wants to do to fast track his career. It is a dream for any architect to be interestedin designing a property in a very high-class realty estate.

When touring the neighborhood, you will be treated to different designs of Hamptons homes for sale which are very pleasant, soothing and unique. Every house is a work of art. But there are houses here that are exceptionally beautiful in every way. They are not the grandest and the most expensive properties in the village but the way they were created were just too stunning not to get noticed.

Take for instance the houses built in Montauk by the Montauk Association. They were a group of houses erected in 1880 and situated above the hillsides of Montauk Point. They were the first summer houses in the eastern part of Long Island and looks like ships floating in a rolling landscape. The compound is composed with seven free-standing cottages located on the high ground between Fort Pond to the northwest and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. The landscaping and the houses were positioned in a flying-V formation so that each house will have an uninterrupted view of the ocean.

Another house that can take your breath away is the Erdman House in East Hampton. This is an excellent imitation of an English country house that evokes an eclectic cottage style. This house is very cozy and so lovely. Its stucco walls and hand-split shingles that complement the shape of the roof makes Erdman House a picturesque country house. The yard is well-maintained by a gardener who masters topiary at its very best.

Peter Blake built a house in 1954 in the middle of a potato farm in Water Mill. The result was a uniquely shaped house with walls that can be slid open on the steel tracks, thus it is also famous for another name- The Pin Wheel House. This summer house exudes simplicity and is raised four feet above the ground to get a perfect view of the ocean.  It was originally planned to house three members of the family on a 24 feet square area. However, since the four walls can be opened in different ways, the house transforms into a seemingly more spacious abode that is fully exposed to its amazing landscape. If you are in the market for a beautiful property contact a trusted Hamptons real estate agent today.

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