8 Money Saving Home Maintenance Tips

Whether you’ve just purchased a newly built home or have lived in the same residence for years, every house needs a certain level of upkeep if you want to keep it in tip top shape. While it might not be everyone’s idea of a fun weekend, taking the time to do some simple maintenance now can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in costly repairs later that homeowners insurance might not cover.

Take a Saturday to complete these 8 money saving home maintenance tips. Your wallet will thank you.

1. Replace Your Filters

Replacing an AC unit can be costly, but you can keep your old one running smoothly simply by replacing the filters. Lower end filters only cost around $20 for a pack of six and it’s a five minute work.

2. Clean Your Vents

When changing your filter, it’s also a good idea to clean all the vents in your home. This includes the dryer, heater, septic tank and any other ventilation shaft openings you might have. If you’re short on time, just vacuum out the insides and around the opening. If you happen to have a little more time, it doesn’t hurt to hit those vents with a cleaning rag and some vinegar.

3.  Double Check Your Alarms

This one is as simple as it gets, but can be easy to forget. Double check your smoke alarms, security systems, and carbon monoxide detectors. While homeowners insurance might cover most of the events these alarms help to prevent, no one wants to deal with the aftermath of a fire or burglary.

4. Pest Control

No one wants to believe their home is a safe haven for pests, but it happens to more homeowners than you might think. While rodents are an easier problem to take care of, insects like termites can lead to astronomical repair costs after they eat away at the walls and foundation of your house. Take a preventative step and hire the services of a termite control company to ensure you’ll never have to deal with these unwanted intruders.

5. Clean Behind The Fridge

As dust and dirt build up behind your refrigerator they cover the coils and cause your unit to work overtime, adding countless dollars to your electricity bill. Once every three to six months, unplug your fridge and clean the coils off with a warm rag. This 10-minute task can save you a couple of hundred every year, not mention the cost of repairs.

6. Clean Out The Gutters

Alright, this is probably the least favorable task on the list, but it can save you hundreds to thousands in roof repair costs. Clogged gutters cause water to flow up and over the debris onto your roof, which leads to leaking, mold, and rot. Depending on where you live, summer temperatures in a particularly dry stretch can also cause dead leaves piled up in the gutter to catch fire.

7. Lantern Maintenance

If you have a gas lantern for your home or business, it might be time for an upgrade. Older models can pose a serious fire hazard from worn fuel tubes, aside from racking up the cost of your gas bill. If a new lantern isn’t the cards, then make sure the parts in your lantern are still fully functioning and in good condition.

8. Close The Gaps

Check your home for any holes or gaps that may have appeared before winter sets in. Missing mortar on a chimney, gaps in windows or door frames, and exterior damage allow cold air to flood into your home and increase your heating costs.

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