Minimalist Student Accommodation

Calling all students in the UK, in particular, the Birmingham area, are you looking to keep your student accommodations as minimalist as possible? Because student accommodation tends to be tight on space, to begin with, the minimalist approach is often the best one to take. The less clutter and “stuff” you have, the more organised and spacious your accommodation will be. It also provides you with a more serene environment for studying and doing all your homework. 

So, how can you ensure that your student accommodation has that minimalist design approach? Here are some tips you can use.

Downsize Your Furniture

The first step in the minimalist design approach is to downsize your furniture. Student accommodation doesn’t often have extra space so that oversized dresser, desk, and large bed probably aren’t ideal. Instead, opt for streamlined and simple pieces that maximise the use of space. You can even look for furniture that is multi-functional such as a bed with storage under it, a desk that doubles as a table for eating, and so on.

Look for Accommodation with Communal Areas

Rather than trying to make your accommodation work for everything – sleeping, studying, preparing snacks and small meals, and entertaining, look for student accommodation that offers communal areas. This will provide you with extra space so you can keep your own private accommodation as sleeping and studying space. 

Take, for example, the student accommodation in Birmingham available through Collegiate. You can check the area out here where you could potentially be living if you were to attend university in the city. Students will have their own studio apartment with an en-suite bathroom, desk area, and fully equipped kitchen, and then they can make use of the communal living area, gym, and study rooms. Your studio apartment doesn’t have to act as everything, which means you can cut down on the clutter and keep things really simple in the space.

Opt for Light Bright Colours

Another staple when using the minimalist approach is to use light bright colours. It’s actually quite common to go with a monochromatic look, which makes the space feel cohesive and modern. As far as what colour to pick, soft grey and white are perhaps the most popular colours to go with. If you feel a bit adventurous you can always experiment by mixing warm tones with cool tones to add dimension to the space.

Use Lighting as Decor

Because minimalism uses the less is more theory, you probably won’t want much in terms of decor. What you can use as focal points or pieces of interest in the space is lighting. You need to have lighting regardless; it won’t take up any added space, and you can find some really interesting statement fixtures that will add character to the space. Task lighting is ideal for students since you can direct it to your study space, so why not pick an intriguing and modern fixture?

A Clean, Cohesive, and Minimalist Space

By following each of these tips, students will be able to create a clean, cohesive, and minimalist space, which can make student accommodation a whole lot more comfortable. 

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