Minimalist Packing Tips & Hacks (How to Travel Light)

Traveling lightweight is so much better, but it is hard to do! With a lightweight suitcase, you do not have to exert much effort to move around, but it is challenging only to pack light. If you struggle to master the art of packing light, do not fret. We have listed tips and hacks on how to do it.

Create a Packing List

List all the things you need to bring and prepare for the trip. This will be easier if you start a capsule wardrobe. This is an obvious tip, but it helps you keep everything organized. Pick the things and clothes you will bring and stick to them. One of the common mistakes when packing is placing more stuff that you do not need because there is a space left in the suitcase.

You do not have to get all your wardrobe; pack only the must-haves and leave the nice to-haves. Even if you plan to stay longer, you can always have your clothes laundered at laundry for tourists.

Use a light suitcase for hand carry.

Using a light suitcase only lets you keep a few clothes. This helps you keep your luggage lightweight, and you do not have to pay an excess baggage fee at the airport. Still, weigh your bag before going to the airport rather than guessing how much it weighs.

Pack the right fabrics.

When packing lightly, you should consider the clothing fabrics you are about to bring. Do not pack cotton clothes. This is a common choice but a poor one, this type of fabric easily wrinkles and gets smelly. It is best to bring clothes that are made of merino wool and synthetic performance fabrics.

Bring the clothes that you wear over and over at home. This solves your outfit problem and covers spontaneous situations along the trip.

Do laundry during your trip.

Since you only brought days worth of clothes, you have to do laundry during your trip. You can check for laundry pickup nearby your accommodation place or check the hostel if they offer services or washing machines that you can use. You can travel comfortably without the worry of having to reuse your underwear.

Bring the lightest shoe pairs.

Shoes are the most common reason why most of us overpack. We love to have more than two pairs of shoes to pair with our planned outfits. You can bring two pairs, but you have to wear the bulkier pair and pack the smaller one.

Bulky? Wear it.

If you are travelling to a cold place, and you need a sweater or winter-weight coat, wear them. Even your shoes, if it is bulky, wear them. You do not have to waste your packing space on bulk clothes.

The minimalist approach to packing for your next travels will surely make you more comfortable and mobile. You only have to worry about your carry-on suitcase and save money by avoiding hefty airport fees. Remember these tips and hacks on your next travel.

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