Minimalist Canvas Wall Art for the Home

While the walls of a home can sometimes be cluttered with distracting elements like wall paper, varieties of pictures and the like, a good minimalist approach doesn’t necessarily strip everything and leave the walls of a room blank.  As with any proper minimal approach, it’s all about select just the right amount of décor to achieve the desired style and effect.

Choosing the right wall art is therefore a delicate process, and one should be very picky when doing so.  There are many options for canvas art online, so you’ll have plenty of options to peruse through.  Let’s take a look at some of the elements you might want to consider when making your decision.

1. Color!

People tend to equate minimalism with a lack of color.  But that’s not fun.  Having stark contrast with its surroundings is something that really creates the impact of an art piece, and helps to keep it as minimal as possible.  

Depending on the room you are decorating, injecting some sharp color can be a great fit. Harken back to fundamental color pairings and schemes, and you can find a perfect piece for your room.

2. Size

Here is where stereotypical concepts of minimalism might come into play.  Huge landscapes or otherwise overbearing pieces of art don’t really jive with our approach, so you should be selective with what canvas you pick up.

Also consider square, as opposed to rectangular, art prints.  These can be really potent in terms of effect but minimize the amount of space taken up.  Smaller sizes might also mean lower prices, if that’s a consideration for you.

3. Subject

Also another preconceived notion about minimalism is that the subject matter of the art has to be abstract.  “A single dot printed on a white background”, etc.  While there is nothing wrong with abstract art, you shouldn’t be limited by it. Other areas like nature, word art, impressionist-style scenes, and others are perfectly fine.


As with lots of things in art, it really comes down to personal preferences and figuring out exactly what what fits with the overall design of the room and home in general.  Just keep in mind that you needed by limited by preconceptions, misconceptions and stereotypes of minimalism, and generally have more leeway than you might think.

Author: Jack Shitamura – An avid fan of comic books and graphic art, he spends his time in New York City, either head first in his laptop or wandering the street and admiring at the sites and sounds.

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