Make a Conference Room More Beneficial with a Motorized TV-Lift

Whether in your office or at home, if you have a conference room, you want it to be the most advanced-looking and convenient. It is a place where you discuss different projects, receive business partners and colleagues, and in general, it is a place where your success is created. 

Thus, making it advanced, comfortable, and functional is your priority.

While everything is clear with the main furniture options, a TV screen stays a major issue in most cases. The traditional rolling stands are used in most conference rooms. Rolling stands take space, they are inconvenient, and when they are moved, cables can be tangled and broken. Even the TV screen can be damaged easily. If this is not your aim, it is better to look for a different solution.

But if you install your TV screen properly, it can become a nice and functional addition to your conference room. The best option is to use a wall- or ceiling-mounted TV lift. You can check the most varied options of Progressive Automation`s TV lifts. They are stylish and functional. 

Where to Install Your TV

The installation place depends on the general arrangement of the conference room. You use your TV screen for presentations and meetings. Thus, it shall be located in a place where you can watch it comfortably. 

You might consider a wall installation which is cheaper. Another option is to get a TV lift system for ceiling installation. It will cost you more but it has some benefits:

  • You can adjust the TV lift to the needed height for each specific case;
  • You can remove it completely so that it doesn’t interfere;
  • It looks more stylish.

A ceiling lift is better for smaller conference rooms. If there is not so much space, every space-saving solution is welcomed. It is also good if your room is made in a minimalistic design and one more object even though it is needed might interfere. In such a case, you make your screen appear when it is needed. When the presentation is over, you remove the item with a push of a button.

A TV lift for wall installation has also some pros. For example, once installed, it stays there constantly. You don’t need to adjust its height before every meeting. Though there are some lifts that allow also vertical adjustment. If you have sufficient funds and if you believe this feature can be useful, you can choose such kind of solution.

Choose a Proper TV Screen for Your Conference Room

A TV lift alone will not help a lot with the improvement of your conference room if you don’t have a proper TV screen. Modern screens are flat and lightweight. They look beautiful if installed properly. But they shall fit into the environment of the room.

Choose a TV size correctly. A screen that is too small for a room looks odd. And on the contrary, a huge screen in a smaller space looks heavy and creates a feeling of discomfort. You can use the rule of threes if you want to choose the screen size according to the standard. The rule tells that the distance to the furthest seat shall be no further than the diagonal of the screen multiplied by three. Thus, if the diagonal of the screen is 55 inches, the furthest seat shall be located at a max. distance of 165 inches. If the distance is bigger, consider buying a bigger screen.

The installation height shall be optimal, too. There is no major issue with a ceiling lift (just make sure it can move at a proper distance). But if you are going to install a wall-mounted TV lift, check the installation height very carefully. There is a rule on how to calculate it:

  • Measure the distance from the furthest seat to the TV screen;
  • Divide the value into 3, and you get the installation height.

For example, if the distance between the screen and the furthest seat if 9 feet, divide 9 into three.  Thus, the height at which you shall install the screen is 3 feet. Not all the conference rooms allow applying this rule to the full extent though. There is one important detail to remember here: the higher you put the screen, the easier it is for the participants to see it. 

Invest in a Nice and Reliable TV Lift

Investing in a good TV lift is not less crucial than buying a good screen. Make sure the TV lift can support the screen not only when it is static but when it is moving, too. 

A top-quality lift system is already equipped with whatever is need for proper screen installation. It has even special slots for cables. All you need to do is to mount the lift and to fix your TV screen on it. 

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