Maid of Honor Checklist: Tips for Helping Your Friend Plan Their Wedding

When your friend asked you to be her maid of honor, you were delighted to accept. However, you might not have realized, as a first-time MOH, just how big a role you’ll play in preparing for her big day. You have many responsibilities as the bride’s right-hand woman, from planning the bridal shower to sending her off on her honeymoon. There’s no need to succumb to overwhelm, though: your most essential duties can be broken down into a few simple steps. 

Plan the pre-wedding festivities. 

Perhaps the most recognizable of a maid of honor’s responsibilities, you are in charge of planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party. In between browsing bridal shower gifts to offer the guest of honor yourself, you’ll want to create the perfect guest list, entertainment, and refreshments for this prenuptial celebration. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the bride enjoys her bachelorette party, too! The latter might not come with the responsibility of finding the best bridal shower gift, but it’s just as vital that you get it just right. 

Help her say yes to the dress. 

Dress shopping is one of the more exciting duties a maid of honor has to tackle, and it’s one of the most important, too. You want to look good in your bridesmaid’s dress, naturally, but your top priority should be ensuring the bride looks her best on her wedding day. So be there with her through the tumult of finding the right wedding dress, and be ready to celebrate when she finally finds the perfect fit—then, move on to her ideal accessories!

Minimize her prenuptial stress. 

Planning her wedding is one of the most stressful tasks your bride will ever face, and it’s up to you to minimize that stress as much as possible. Intercept guests’ questions and concerns and field her soon-to-be mother-in-law’s quips before she comes close. Have your friend’s registry ready and able to be sent to whoever asks for wedding or bridal shower gift ideas. In the simplest sense, you want to take as much of the burden from the bride’s shoulders leading up to the big day as you possibly can. 

Get her ready for the spotlight. 

When her wedding day finally arrives, your friend deserves to feel more beautiful than ever before. Ensure there’s a fully stocked vanity, LED mirrors, towels, and anything else the bride may need to look and feel her best. Naturally, this includes champagne—bubbles are nearly as important as a good mirror! Today, your friend isn’t just your friend—she’s a princess. By helping her prepare for the ball, you’ll ensure that the groom (her prince charming) can’t take his eyes off her through the night. Most importantly, you’ll give Cinderella the night of a lifetime. 

Offer a meaningful toast.

As the maid of honor, another recognizable duty is giving a toast during the wedding reception. You shouldn’t be too worried about this part—chances are, few other guests will remember your speech later on. However, this doesn’t mean you should just throw something together. Your friend chose you as her MOH because you have a strong relationship. Use that bond to create a speech that she, at least, won’t soon forget. Whether it’s an inside joke or a favorite memory, a personal touch can transform a good speech into a phenomenal one.

From the moment she asks to the instant she jets off on her honeymoon, your role as maid of honor can be a hectic one. Nevertheless, it truly is an honor. Amidst everything, your friend is counting on you to help make her big day even more special. From a thoughtful bridal shower gift to a heartfelt toast, you can do just that. 

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