Loft Style Interior Lighting

Loft style brought to the interiors of the spirit of rebellion and freedom of expression pushed the established framework in the design of housing on the second plan and helped to create an unforgettable, very stylish atmosphere in many homes and city apartments.

We decided to draw the attention of our dear readers to a separate, quite important theme of lighting loft-style interiors because light plays a special role here, and its sources are very characteristic devices.

The lighting in the loft interior should be functional, not trivial and varied.

If your choice for the own apartment is so ambiguous style, as loft, remember: use several different sources of light at once. For example, it will look good if you mount projectors on brackets under the ceiling, install pendant fixtures and complement them with local devices.

Pendant lights

This type of industrial style lighting is very recognizable because, without pendant fixtures on long cords or chains (https://www.lepro.com/led-shop-lights), it is difficult to imagine dining, sofa, or kitchen area.

The advantage of pendant lights is not only in their originality but also in their functionality. Such a device can easily be raised or lowered to any convenient height.

Recently, a variety of pendant fixtures can satisfy the taste of the most demanding buyer, which will certainly help in creating a unique environment in an industrial style. You can choose lamps that look like barrels, ordinary incandescent lamps, street lamps, or gasoline lamps made of glass, metal, wood, and even leather.

Floor lamps

The floor lamp is a special kind of lamp that gives a feeling of peacefulness and helps to form a genuine comfort even in a loft environment with its brutal textures. The main secret of using floor lamps lies in their size and peculiar shape. The device should stand firmly on the floor, and be at least the average human height in height. In addition, an unusual silhouette is welcome, for example, in the form of a train spotlight, photo studio lamp, or with a large and concise metal (glass, fabric) lampshade.

Magic light

LED or fluorescent lighting is also very popular in industrial interiors because it gives a stunning effect of “floating” light without the use of obvious devices. To highlight and thereby visually make more light can be any object in the interior loft: an impressive metal staircase suspended structure from the ceiling, kitchen furniture, and work surfaces (island).

This type of lighting is especially good if you create an interior in the loft-style in an apartment of standard size – the space will become lighter and more volume visually.

Spot light

Without a special working, as well as, decorative light can not do without in an industrial interior, especially if the room is quite spacious. So, in the evening after a day of work we want to relax, and in a cozy atmosphere of the apartment, illuminated by a soft light, to rest from your worries. In this case, to create just such an atmosphere of relaxation will help wall sconces, they do not give too intense light, but with two or three such devices can do, so that the room remains sufficiently bright. The appearance of sconces for interiors in the loft style is also enlivened by the spirit of freedom and rejection of the usual standards: lanterns, spotlights, tin buckets, glass balls and wire lampshades.

The main light in the interior in the loft style is often not enough for comfortable work at the desk in the study or bedroom. In this case, you should use the original desk lamp, resembling, for example, the architect’s lamp (on a flexible leg of metal).

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