Local Video Marketing Tips For New Business Owners

As a new business owner, you’d want to use various ways to gain traction and get customers for your products and services. One of the most common ways to gain traction is by content sharing. Most business owners opt to use blogs, social media platforms, and email lists for this function. They’re all essential marketing strategies. Today, another effective way is local video marketing.

People connect more with visual content than other sharing mediums. This realization has led to local video marketing, gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes. Video marketing allows you to stand out from the online market competition. This strategy also allows your target audience differentiate your business in search results.   

Here are a few tips to help you with your local video marketing:

01. Plan 

Like any other activity in your business, you need to come up with a plan before you jump right into local video marketing. It may be tempting to start without spending time and money in the planning phase, but you also don’t want to create videos that don’t relate to your target audience. 

In this stage, you have to establish who your target audience is. This way, you’ll create tailor-made content just for the perfect people.  

Also, planning helps you determine the purpose of your videos. You should always ask yourself what you want your videos to communicate to the audience before shooting. You should answer the following three questions: 

  • What problems do you want the content to solve? 
  • How will the video integrate the company’s general goals? 
  • What are the results you’ll use to gauge your success? 

This process will help you enhance your target videos and lead to a successful marketing campaign. 

02. Decide On Which Type Of Videos To Create 

Once you’ve determined the purpose and target audience for your videos, you need to establish the best type of videos to help serve your purpose. There are companies that can provide you Video Production Services most suitable for your business. You can use either of the following types of videos, depending on your position at the sales funnel: 

  • Tutorial Videos. These are also known as How-To, Do It Yourself (DIY), or instructional videos. These types of videos usually offer solutions to the audience for issues they might be facing. They offer a great avenue for taking your audience through a step-by-step process. Tutorial videos are known to attract more viewers compared to other videos. Many viewers look for these videos to sort their problems by themselves. You can create tutorials if you’re at the top of the sales funnel and make audience become aware of your business. 
  • Explainer Videos. Explainer videos explain and describe to the audience how your product or service offers solutions for them. They feature a detailed review of your product’s features and benefits. You can think of these videos as a user manual for your products and services. Explainer videos are also instrumental in helping the audience make purchase decisions.  
  • Animation Videos. Animation videos use figures that are made to move to deliver your intended message to the audience. This is a great option if you have a phobia of standing in front of the camera. This option also saves you from the trouble of scouting for a location and provide quality lighting for the shoot. Animation videos usually come with a voice-over for clearer content delivery.
  • Client Testimonial Videos. Previous buyers’ experience will most often influence the buyer’s purchasing decision. Clients’ testimonials help increase trust in your business and also boost sales. Remember that word of mouth can be your most significant marketing method. You can use a previous customer, an industry expert, or a local celebrity as a brand ambassador. The trick is to allow them to use their own words.   

The content and length of these videos depend on the message you want to convey to your audience.  

03. Use The Right Keywords

This is an important step that every business owner ought to get right. Keywords are concepts and ideas that normally describe your message or what your content is about. Potential clients use these keywords to look for your content via search engines. 

When you choose and settle on a certain type of video you want to create, you have to research and come up with a list of the words and phrases people can use to search for that kind of content.  

Various online tools and resources can help you with this. You simply need to do a simple search on Google to find the resources.  

Key Takeaways 

Video is a powerful sales tool that helps convert your audience into buyers. As a new business owner, you should use video marketing as a medium to gain traction.

To do this, you need to develop a plan to help you establish your target audience and the purpose of your content. You should also know the type of videos to create, depending on the purpose. Do keyword research to make it easier for your content to be found online.

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