Key Factors When Finding Small Space Solutions with Serious Style

If you have ever looked through a magazine or seen celebrity homes on the web you are certain to find stylish spaces with exquisite furniture. Of course, most of the time the spaces look like they are never lived in and the sheer size of the space is one of the key wow factors.

In reality, you are probably dealing with a much smaller space. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some serious style. You just need additional information on how to make your vision a reality.

Maintain Furniture

This may seem obvious but the best furniture looks stylish because it looks brand new. This may not seem possible when your home is an activity hub for your family. But, even the smallest spaces can benefit from regular cleaning. That includes mastering leather upholstery cleaning as a bright leather couch can lift the feel and style of any room.


When space is tight you need to minimize furniture as too much simply makes the room look cluttered. Fortunately, there are many things that can have a dual purpose, such as the desk that works for your day job and for having fun in the evening.

In some cases, this can even be the dining room table and a desk. This approach works exceptionally well as you can use stylish chairs which are comfortable no matter how long you sit in them. Of course, you need to be able to clear the space easily but that fits beautifully with the idea of minimal clutter.

Mirrors & Light

You probably already know that mirrors bounce light around the room making it feel much larger than it actually is. This is a good way to make your space look larger and stylish. Mirrors bounce the natural light; you can direct the natural light to specific spots in your space and add features. This draws the eye to the style of the room without you needing an abundance of features.

Don’t forget that this should also be complemented by your choice of lighting. White light is harsh and not particularly stylish. Instead, use dim yellows to highlight the style of the room and make it feel cozy. You’ll be surprised at how effective this approach is.

Keep It Simple

The key to stylish rooms is to keep the space simple. That means considering what furniture you really need and avoiding the rest. This doesn’t just prevent the room from being cluttered. It also ensures you can spend more on the items that matter and these are the ones that reflect your personal style and design for the space.

Remember, no matter how hard you plan out your space it won’t always make everyone go wow. But, if you feel great in the space then you have achieved your goal and you have a room with some serious style that you can show off to anyone and everyone.

You should also note that you don’t need to fill a room with designer pieces to create style, choose the items that speak to you personally and your room will have all the style it needs.

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