Incorporating Minimalism in Custom Homes

As time progresses, contemporary art and design can slowly be seen to shed extra burdens and focus on subtler yet more vital details. Minimalism has emerged as a strong concept in this regard. We’ve been discussing all aspects of minimalism for a long time on this site, and home designs are no stranger to us. In this article, we’ll build up more on how you can incorporate minimalism into your custom homes, especially if you’re starting from scratch and would want the visuals to reflect your embracing of this philosophy.

  1. Monochromatic Themes 

Minimalism goes beyond reducing one’s number of possessions; it’s a way to soothe the senses and mitigate the chaos in one’s life and sight. What better way to visualize this serenity than with color? Use monochromatic color schemes in your spaces to make them radiate calmness. If you want your space to appear serene, soothing colors like smokey blues, faded greens, and pristine whites may work great. If you want more of a personality in your space, brighter colors like vivid oranges and joyous yellows will uplift the spirit. Don’t add too many starkly contrasting elements, and focus on letting the shades of the color guide you through your design. 

  1. Appropriate Art

Minimalism does not entail monotony, and there’s more than one way to adopt it. The right art can complement this concept rather than take away from it. If you’re among those who do not appreciate bare walls, go for art that embraces the less-is-more approach rather than traditional vivid landscape-depicting wall pieces. Line drawings work wonderfully in minimalist spaces, and certain kinds of abstract art can fit beautifully within your house to alleviate the bareness without crowding the sight. You can also incorporate the monochromatic theme into such additions and build your decor subtly. 

  1. Add Texture

It may feel easy on Pinterest, but designing a minimal space that feels calm and not austere or depressing is no easy feat. This is especially true for larger houses, where absolute plainness can add to a person’s solitude without bringing them the serenity that minimalism entails. In such cases, texture can add life back into your place. 

Wood works great in this regard, as it is flexible, readily available, and never fails to make spaces look organic and peaceful. From wall paneling to furniture assembly, you can incorporate it anywhere to add subtle visual interest back into the place. Similarly, fabrics can add a variety of textures to your rooms: maybe opt for those velvet cushions rather than plain cotton ones, or use silk or organza curtains that blend in well with the room but don’t disappear within. Just opt for varying finishes and see how your place perks up.    

  1. Make Hidden Storage

Rather than using shelves and racks in plain sight to store your essentials, make storage spaces that fade into their surroundings. Hidden compartments can add excitement and functionality to your house. Utilize the space under beds or ottomans and get organizers built so you can stay clutter-free. 


If time has brought you to appreciate simplicity and slowly embrace minimalism, incorporate the tips we gave above to reduce the visual chaos from your house without making it feel dreary. Use colors and textures wisely, reduce the clutter you own, and store all other items away well out of sight in an organized manner.

Make sure to keep all such principles in mind right from the beginning when you’re getting a new property to suit your needs better. Sometimes, it is always easier to start fresh rather than battle with old spaces. If you find such to be your situation, look into the expenses of building a custom home to create a newer, more peaceful chapter of your life.  

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