Incorporating Epoxy Floors into Minimalist Interior Designs

A sleek and modern feel continues to dominate the interior design world with minimalism as its vessel. This straightforward approach to home design definitely hasn’t lost its appeal and isn’t going away any time soon. If you want to apply the “less is more” principle to your own home, start with the flooring. Aside from the walls and ceiling, the interior floor acts as a canvas that you work around with to achieve your desired aesthetic. In this article, we delve into the different ways you can creatively incorporate epoxy flooring to achieve minimalist interiors. With different epoxy coatings available in the market, there’s so much you can do with a lot less. 

Bright High-Shine Floors Against Geometric Elements

Epoxy coating is known for its glossy finish that can provide light reflectivity and increase brightness in a room. This quality makes it ideal for sleek and fuss-free flooring. You can opt for light colors and maybe even a wash of white for a modern feel. To counteract the simplicity of the floors, play with geometric shapes and patterns when it comes to furniture or decor. It’s an easy way to make things interesting. Remember to tread with caution when it comes to geometric elements because it can be easy to look overdone. When choosing furniture and decor make sure to strike a balance. Avoid clashing patterns over patterns or loud colors to keep the area from looking too busy. Highlighting a certain color, shape or design is the best way to complement solid high-shine floors. 

Metallic floors with High Ceilings and Clear Glass Windows

This is ideal if you are planning to really splurge on home improvements or if you are having a new home built. Metallic epoxy is done to achieve a smokey and three-dimensional look to plain concrete floors. Pigment and the fine metallic shimmer are what makes it possible to achieve this look.  Pair this with high ceilings and clear glass windows to make the most out of natural lighting. Letting natural light in balances the darkness of the metallic floors and provides a light and airy feel to the interiors. The benefits of this are not just limited to aesthetics. It is also an energy-efficient alternative to artificial lights and increases serotonin levels in the body so you can feel just as good as your home looks.

“Bare” Concrete Flooring Paired with Wood Accents

The look of bare concrete floors has a certain charm to it. It is one of the leading trends in modern interior design. There are other options to achieve this such as concrete polishing and clear acrylic coatings. However, if you want perfectly seamless and highly durable flooring, clear epoxy coating is your best option. The epoxy allows you to achieve the “bare” concrete look while ridding it of its drab, grainy and porous surface. The bare look alone can still look hard, cold and unforgiving but wood accents can definitely balance it out. Wooden steps, panels, and furniture naturally radiate warmth and softness across the interiors. If you are into an industrial feel, this is perfect for you. 

Bold Colored Floors Against Neutral Interiors

A wash of vibrant solid color across the flooring gives the interiors a focal point and a whole lot of personality. Colors like teal or lemon yellow are a bold design statement all on its own. To achieve this, epoxy coating in your desired color is a must for giving an opaque finish that won’t chip or flake. Don’t worry about it being too loud because it can be balanced out by keeping every other element neutral. You can even use muted versions of your chosen color to subtly complement the vibrant hues. This can be applied to decor or furniture accents and details. Keep the walls on the warm or cool neutral sides depending on the spectrum of your chosen color for a sleek and fuss-free appearance. 

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