ILLUSION PLUS Superyacht – A Marvel of Yachting Design

Discover Why ILLUSION PLUS Is a Prime Example of Yachting Design Excellence

As the 21st century progresses, it can be increasingly difficult to come across cases of true design innovation. After all, the last hundred years or so presented the world with so much change and so many advances in the fields of engineering and architecture that it would be hard to find anything radically new under the sun.

Yet, there is at least one arena in which architecture and design are still able to makeleaps and set trends – the configuration of superyachts.Because of both the logistical challenges that these floating behemoths (a megayacht by definition starts off at a minimum length of 24 metres (78.74 feet)) face, as well as the requirement that they remain supremely luxurious and comfortable in all conditions, whilst often out at sea – the proper production of one of these yachts necessitates a high degree of specialised expertise, ingenuity and creativity.

Indeed, nowadays, with ever-growing competition to win the attention and bankrolls of the billionaires who fund and purchase these crafts, building a superyacht often requiresthe seamless melding of complex engineering, sleek architecture andgroundbreaking design. The final result has to be a luxury yacht that not only fully solves a range of complicated spatial and structural imperatives and looks magnificentin the process, but also serves as a fast, energy-effective and far-ranging mode of oceangoing transport.

For this reason superyachts have become the new canvases on which today’s great designs can come stunningly alive. In fact an entire industry has grown up around the production of these massive vessels, with marine architects and exterior and interior designers vying to devisemore and more spectacular creations.

In their interiors, these megayachtsdisplay superbly detailed décors that would fit right in to a contemporary London penthouse, a grand country estate or an elegant chateau – all having to stand up to a non-static environment, which may equally have to withstand calm Mediterranean seas or the swells of the Antarctic. Maritime architects not only have draw up profiles that dazzle the most critical eye, but they also have to make sure that these boats can brave the ocean’s moods.Finally, marine engineers must ensure that these floating marvels are equipped with state-of-the-art engines that can rapidlytransport their discerning occupants anywhere on the globe, at a moment’s notice,with no mechanical noise and without the slightest hint of a vibration that might signal that you’re actually onboard an oceangoing craft.

To see just exactly what these superyachts, and their designers, are capable of, here’s a look at one that amply displays the amazing engineering and architectural possibilities that these pleasure ships offer.

Illusion Plus– An Exceptional Combination of Function and Style

ILLUSION PLUS is a massive 88.5-metre (290.35-foot) megayacht, one of a new crop of stellar 80-metre-+ (262.47-foot-+) superyachts for sale. ILLUSION PLUS represents an extraordinary collaboration between a dream team of first-class maritime consultants, specialists and designers and marks the most exciting project undertaken to date bytrendsettingAsian shipbuilders, Pride Mega Yachts.

ILLUSION PLUS’sdistinctive exterior reflects the results of a joint effort between acclaimed Dutch naval architecture firm, Azure, and British company, Rainsford Saunders Design. Together they managed to pull off a noteworthy design feat– configuring a six-deck vessel that both showcases streamlined good looks and offers an astonishing 3,603 gross tonnage, which in yachting terms provides a vast amount of space.

Taking full advantage of the yacht’s phenomenal spatial scope, award-winning specialists, Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, in tandem with Greenline Yacht Interiors, have created an unbelievably plush and cutting-edge interior for ILLUSION PLUS.  They have employed an ingenious use of luxury materials and glass,enhanced by maximum natural light, to give the impressionof immense spaciousness, which is only strengthened by thedouble-height atrium.

ILLUSION PLUS accommodates up to 12 guests in six lavish cabins, including an extremely expansive 80-square-metre (861-suare-foot) master suite that boasts 360-degree views from panoramic windows, as well as a huge walk-in dressing room and large private deck. In addition, there’s plenty of room for guests to stretch out and luxuriate in ILLUSION PLUS’s four interior lounges and two interior dining areas. You can also pamper yourself sinfully in the superyacht’s dedicated spa, beauty salon, gymnasium and two Jacuzzi pools.

ILLUSION PLUS also highlights high spec technology, such as a top-of-the-line, energy-efficient, diesel-electric propulsion package by Rolls Royce, a dynamic positioning system that offers a unique level of stability and location accuracy (all without dropping anchor) and an advanced air handling unit designed by Heinen&Hopman.

Add in the megayacht’s touch-and-go helipad, and it’s quite clear that the designers of ILLUSION PLUS have accounted for every eventuality in constructing a craft that merges comfort, adventure and performance in one remarkably impressive whole.

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