HP Chromebook 11

Chrome is the most progressive, user friendly web browser at the moment so it’d make sense that Google would want to capitalize on this sure footing by taking it a step forward.

The result is the HP Chromebook 11: a personal computer for everyday, easy, and clutter-free use made by HP with Google for everybody. It’s light, compact, and perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle or just the relaxed atmosphere of home.

Your work, apps, and emails are easy to access through other devices such as your phone or tablet while the quick start-up and automatic updates assure easy time management and peace of mind regarding virus protection. It also offers 100GB of safe, free Google Drive storage and your favourite Google apps are already built-in.

One of the most impressive features, however, is the considerable amount of battery life the Chromebook has. You’ve got six hours of solid usage before it’s time to plug in and recharge with a charger most Android phones use.

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