How Your Living Place Improves Your Well-Being

Did you know that your home environment has a significant impact on your sense of wellbeing? As you spend a considerable amount at home, a well-decorated place improves your wellbeing.

But, most of us, like me, don’t give much thought to enhancing the living place to feel better. So here’s what I’ve learned that can do a lot at making you feel better when you enter your home.

1. Start decluttering

Dirty or cluttered space only adds to your stress instead of healing you. You will feel massive changes once you start decluttering your space. Don’t let unopened mail pile up because it only stresses you. Instead, go through your mail as soon as you reach home every day.

Don’t leave your washed laundry lying around the place. Fold and put the clothes away every day to prevent it from piling up.

It helps if you have some dedicated storage space for all your linen and towels too. It’s tidier than having them lying around once washed.

I found a multifunctional storage bed to be perfect for it. The bed is comfortable for a goodnight’s sleep. But, storage beds have additional panels, storage areas, and cavities to store your things. There are even some with shelves for more storage space.

2. Add more light

Brightly lit rooms help improve depression and anxiety. But, I don’t like a bright light in my home throughout the day. I prefer letting in natural light in the mornings and keeping my home bright throughout the day.

But, I prefer dimming lights at night. I noticed that I find it difficult to relax and wind down at the end of the day with bright lights on.

3. Add some plants 

Adding some plants to your interiors may be the best thing you did for your wellbeing at home. Plants help purify the air and do much more. It can lighten your mood, control your blood pressure, and reduce post-surgery anxiety. Plants in the office are also known to break the space’s monotony.

4. Decorate for comfort

There’s no point in buying a sofa set because it’s expensive or because someone else has it. You need to buy and use furniture that’s so comfortable, they practically beckon you to sit on them.

5. The right colors

I never did like white walls. And I never actually realized why I didn’t like the color for some time. Until one day, when I noticed that it’s the same color of walls in a doctor’s office.

My mind had struck a subconscious hatred towards white. It’s because I associated it with sickness and confinement. However, I love using blue in the bathroom and bedroom because it’s a soothing color.

It relaxes me while I bathe, and wind down at the end of the day. Green is another color that creates a peaceful environment.

6. Personalize your home

What better way is there to improve your well being at home than by personalizing it? Yes, I noticed a mass difference in the vibes in my house by adding some personal mementos where possible.  I felt them sort of speaking and reaching out to me whenever I entered the room.

I filled the bookshelves with my favorite books, my art piece collection, and my college and school awards. I have to say. You feel so much more grounded at home with your beloved memories resonating around you.

7. Change your perception of home

Nothing from the above list of suggestions works if you first don’t change your opinion of the house. Your home will never improve your well being if you consider it to be a place to go for sleep, showers, and meals every day.

Do not believe your home to be a place to crash. Instead, consider it to be a place to rejuvenate and refresh your mind. Besides, don’t feel that your kitchen is a commercial kitchen to food prep for the week. It’s a place where you and your family or friends can catch up and share memories.

Why not trying implementing these seven simple measures at home? Seeing is believing, and I’m sure you will find a marked improvement in your wellbeing in no time at all!

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