How to Wear Jewelry When You Are Going for Minimalist Style

Adopting a minimalist look when you dress can look chic, slick and clean, but it isn’t as simple as many people think it is. Minimalist fashion isn’t about just wearing things that are basic and plain – that doesn’t create a minimalist aesthetic, but rather a drab, boring look that doesn’t seem to have had much thought put into it. Minimalist chic is about letting simple lines and a smaller number of colors speak for themselves. Accessories are also a part of minimalist dressing, and things like belts, watches, sunglasses and yes, even jewelry – getnamenecklace, have their place when they are chosen in a minimalist style and worn in a way that doesn’t make the outfit as a whole busy or complicated.

Here are some tips for wearing jewelry when you are aiming for a minimalist look as a woman.

Simple Statement Pieces

A beautiful way to add minimalist style with jewelry is to wear simple statement pieces that decorate you and your outfits without being ornate or fussy. As an example, if you are looking for a ring for spring that will go with your sharpest work outfits and your most chic little black dresses, then a simple statement pearl on a silver or white gold ring can give you that ‘complete’ look without making your look fussy and ruining the minimalist effect. Choosing a single stone, or a simple metal shape, can let you dress up with a necklace, earrings or ring without compromising the clean, sharp effect you are going for. Check out for some great ideas.

Make Just One Statement

Jewelry is there to add something to your overall look, and can be just what you need to take a sleek, minimalist outfit from dull to slick. However, wearing several matching pieces or drawing attention to too many parts of your outfit at once ruins the clean, minimalist effect and makes the look more messy and complicated. This is fine if you are looking for a relaxed, boho style, but really doesn’t work with minimalist dressing. Choose, for each outfit, just one place to add a piece of statement jewelry, between earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and a ring. If you wear a watch, then this will count as your one piece in most cases. This is your statement for that outfit, and so either don’t wear any other jewelry or keep what you do wear very discrete, like simple stud earrings.

Avoid Clashes

To stop any of your minimalist lines or effects being messed up by the addition of jewelry, avoid any clash points. If you are wearing a simple top with a design on the front or a minimal print, then don’t wear a necklace that will fall on top of it. If you have a clutch bag with a statement clasp as its only decorative feature, watch out for how this will look in your hand if you are also wearing a statement ring.

Wearing jewelry can really compliment minimalist clothing, but you have to take care to keep what you wear in the same style as your clothes.

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