How to Upgrade Your Home

How to Upgrade Your Home

As time goes by, technology keeps getting better and more reliable; people can upgrade their homes to fit all the latest technology as recommended by Alexander Djerassi . For example, Microsoft recently came out with a tablet called Surface that can fit into your décor and still do all the everyday things you would want to do on a tablet. Also, Air BnB (AirBnB is an online service where people can advertise their homes and rooms for temporary rent) has a new customizable design that allows people to design how their page looks instead of strictly using specific templates. These updates, as Djerassi says, let the “home to evolve and integrate new technologies constantly”.

There are always upgrades for those who can afford it, such as automated blinds and lights on timers to make it look like you are home when you aren’t. Also, smart water heaters can be controlled from your phone to save energy and gas. There will be even more updates to homes in the future, such as having a television wall that is not only a TV but also an interactive whiteboard for brainstorming sessions. Furthermore, virtual reality rooms will become more familiar to escape the daily grind.

Another example of upgrading one’s home is for people to use advanced outlets such as Wemo Insight Switches. These outlets can be controlled with a smartphone and will let users know how much energy they are using and if it’s worth it to leave something plugged in or not. People can also invest in an Amazon Echo or a Google Home. Both of these have personal assistants that can tell the temperature, play music, control other smart devices, and so on.

Djerassi also suggests an idea called the “home hub” where instead of having keys to your house, you would use a phone or watch with a Bluetooth sensor to open doors, making it easier for the elderly and superspy James Bond type. He also says that upgrading your home could come with a high price tag, but it will pay for itself over time because people can use less energy. The last way the author suggests is that people can upgrade their homes is by using an intelligent water system. The article explains how these are ways to upgrade one’s home to accommodate all the latest technology. These systems will monitor a person’s usage and allow them to reduce it if they want. Djerassi affirms that with this, people would be able to save money on their water bills. In conclusion, Alexander Djerassi’s life experiences from upgrading his home describes how these are ways to upgrade one’s home to fit all the latest technology coming out. He states that even if they aren’t 100% necessary, having any of these upgrades will make life easier and save people time and money in the long run. I think that people should make their homes somewhat upgradeable because it is inevitable that technology will get better.

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