How to Store a Wedding Dress in Your Home After the Wedding

A wedding dress is one of the most significant purchases for your special day. After the wedding, storing the clothing properly is essential to keep it pristine. Whether you plan to preserve it as a family heirloom or simply want to keep it as a memory of your big day, storing your wedding dress correctly will ensure that it stays in excellent condition for years.

Prevent a Weird Smell

It’s essential to prevent it from becoming moldy or small. To keep your clothing fresh for years, ensure the garment bag is sealed correctly. Using a vacuum storage bag can help reduce moisture and deter moths from making your dress home.

If you don’t have a garment bag to store your wedding dress, wrapping it in acid-free tissue paper will provide an extra layer of protection from light and moisture that could prematurely damage the fabric. Also, avoiding plastic storage bags is critical to protecting your dress. Plastic can cause discoloration and mildew on your clothing.

Clean the Dress

Storing your wedding dress is to have it cleaned. You should do this as soon as possible after the wedding to prevent any stains from setting in. It’s best to take the dress to a professional cleaner who specializes in wedding dresses. They will use the proper techniques and products to clean the dress thoroughly and safely. Also, consider having the clothing dry cleaned by a professional before you store it to remove any dirt or other pollutants.

Choose the Right Storage Container

Using a container to protect the dress from light, dust, and moisture is essential. Many wedding dress preservation companies offer storage boxes specifically designed for this purpose. These boxes are made from acid-free materials that won’t damage the dress over time. Look for containers with hinged lids, which will allow you to access the dress without touching it.

Once you’ve chosen a box, line it with acid-free tissue paper. The tissue paper will prevent the dress from coming in contact with other materials and help keep it in its original shape. You should also choose an interior bag made from acid-free materials that won’t discolor the dress’s fabric over time. It’s best to find a sack made of white cotton or silk, both colorfast.

Monitor the Dress

Monitoring your wedding dress regularly is essential to ensure it’s still in good condition. Check the dress every six months to ensure insects, humidity, or other factors haven’t damaged it. If you notice any damage or discoloration, take the dress to a professional cleaner or preservation company for further assistance.

Storing a wedding dress in your home after the wedding requires some effort, but keeping it in excellent condition for years to come is worth it. Following the steps above, you can ensure your wedding dress stays safe from light, dust, and moisture. Please choose the correct storage container, find the right location, and monitor the dress regularly to keep it in the best possible condition. With proper storage, you can enjoy your wedding dress for many years.

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