How to Select the Best Heater For Your Grow Tent

Don’t just buy any heater for your indoor garden. Buy one that suits your needs. Buying a wrong heater will not only be a waste of money but also discourage you. So, before purchasing your heater, conduct your research. Know the best brands out there. Go to online reviews. Your indoor garden needs the best heater. The heater you choose determines the success of your project. So, it’s important to pay attention to your choice Here are a few features to guide you get an ideal heater for your indoor garden.

Power Consumption

Power consumption of any machine—including an indoor heater—is rated in watts. Of course, you need a heater that generates enough power for your indoor activities. But its god to get one that is economical in terms of power consumption. So, evaluate your needs. Know the size of your indoor garden. Determine the watts you need in an indoor heater.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is another key factor you should look for in an indoor heater. Your heater should come with a working digital temp setting—this will eliminate guesswork when adjusting the ideal temperature. Your unit should have a digital temp based calibration reader.

You will also need to consider the wattage of your grow tent heater. Are you looking for something that doesn’t consume large amounts of power? Or are you comfortable with a heater that consumes more power but gives you the services you need? Remember, a heater can consume to as high as 1500 watts. So, weighing your options is key.

Safety Precautions

Besides a manual, ensure that your water heater has a working safety feature—such as an inbuilt auto turn off. Such features will switch your unit in case there is an overheating incident. Also, such a feature will enable you to auto set it to shut down after a specific time.

Size of Grow Room

Grow tents tend to differ in terms of size. So, getting a heater that can distribute heat to every corner should be your priority—it will ensure your indoor plants receive heat. Before purchasing your heater, consider the size of your room. Will it heat the whole room? What’s its capacity? These are the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing your heater.

Digital-Specific Temp Settings

When purchasing your heater, go for one with a working digital temperature setting. With this feature, you eliminate things to do with guess work—which improves accuracy and saves energy.

Auto Turn Off

Your heater should also have an auto turn off. This feature helps turn your unit off when it gets too hot.

Type of Heat

Does your heater have any type of heat? While most heaters come with fans that help circulate air, others come with a stationary unit featuring a heat filled oil.

Different Heat Sources

The following are common heat sources for your heater:

  • Heat lamps—you can give your plants heat from the lamps
  • Composite heat—composite heat is usually generated from compost material. Let it act as your heat sink. Then fill it in a trench in your grow room. It will accumulate heat from the sun during the day.
  • Insulation Heating—use an insulating material when covering your grow room. It works like in a greenhouse.

Other Sources

Others include

  • Water Storage Technique
  • Soil Mat
  • Electrical Grow Room Heaters

The Bottom-Line

Selecting heater for your grow tent can be tricky—especially if you are new in this area. Buying any heater is only going to frustrate you. So, if you want the best, start with research. Read online reviews. Ask friends for a referral. And most importantly, get a heater for your grow tent with the above features.

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