How to Maintain a Minimalist Lifestyle as a College Student

There is, probably, no point in stating that sometimes a student’s life can be really messy. No, I do not mean the number of exams and papers that he or she has to pass or write. It is all about the mess or disorder that can prevent the students from staying organized. The need for conducting a minimalist lifestyle has been long justified by the most productive and successful entrepreneurs and scholars. Therefore, this article contains some tips that might help you maintain a minimalist lifestyle as a college student.

Clear the Trash

Nobody is born with a minimalist attitude towards life. Therefore, becoming a minimalist follower starts with cleaning. Yes, you heard me! Clear all the trash out! You have to suppress your inner scaffolder and throw away everything that is not actually needed; everything that is superfluous. If you ask me how to define what is superfluous and what is not, make sure that you keep track of what you use. That is, create a list of things that are in your room. Then, forget about it for a month. After thirty days pass, take this list and circumscribe only the objects that you used during that month. 

Believe me, everything that lies there on the shelves covered with dust is nothing else but trash, and you don’t really need it. Throw it out. For example, you might be hoarding some camping gear because you say you will go soon. If you haven’t had the time up until now, you will never have the time. If you find it hard to understand, you may search for expository essay examples and look at how concise they are. In college or school,  you have to write a lot and sometimes the word count set by the professor requires you to live only the topics and statements that have some meaning. This is exactly how minimalism works.

Think Twice

I was about to say think twice before you buy. The culture of consumerism is the official sponsor of your packed with unneeded stuff room. Minimalist living does not envisage refrain from any shopping. It simply makes you analyze whether you truly need what you are going to buy. The aforementioned example of an expository essay can be applied, here as well. Before you start writing it, you analyze the information that you have, then you pick only the most important points out of it and dwell on them in the essay. What is more, when writing a short expository essay, you would never write it as an argumentative essay because your friend did so. Hence, the question is why would you buy something only because your friends have bought it?

Every time you buy something simply because you like it, you avow an official surrender to the culture of consumerism. If you look at an expository essay example online, you shall see that it features only the selected material. Hence, make sure that you clear your life from the unneeded objects and free more space for the liberty of your thought.

Minimalism: Pros and Cons

Of course, leading a minimalistic lifestyle is not imperative. Furthermore, some people may find it even uncomfortable. Some people like their rooms, apartments, houses to be filled with the splendor of luxury, and they are free to choose. Here comes the list of pros and cons that minimalism offers to you:


  • Clears a lot of space;
  • Improved organization of the studying process;
  • Clearness of thought;
  • Refrainment from abusive consumerism;
  • Accountability;
  • Sustainability;


  • Might be not comfortable for some individuals;
  • Not that cheap as it might seem.
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