How to Maintain a Clutter-Free Home

Clutter-free homes are not just nice to look at; they are also healthier than messy living environments. If your home currently has piles of stuff everywhere, then de-cluttering might seem like a difficult or impossible task. However, you’ll be pleased to know that you can easily organize your home with a positive mindset and a little bit of effort.

Tips to Create a Clutter-Free Home

Cleating a tidy, clutter-free home might be easy than you think. It will take some effort, but it’ll be worth it, and you’ll get to enjoy all the great benefits mentioned below.

Here are tips for creating a clutter-free living environment.

Stop clutter coming in

The easiest way to maintain a clutter-free environment is by stopping clutter from coming into your home in the first place. For instance, unsubscribe from physical mail so that you don’t receive flyers and promotional leaflets through your letterbox every day.

According to advice on medium.com, joining the “National Do Not Mail” list is one of the easiest ways to stop physical mail from coming into your home. You should also avoid making unnecessary purchases as it will just cause clutter to build.

Get rid of the clutter in your home

The next step is to remove all of the clutter that is already in your home. First, go through each room individually and remove all of the items you no longer need or use regularly. Next, reorganize your living space and make sure everything has a dedicated storage space.

Your old clutter can be donated to a local charity, or you can sell it to make some extra cash if it’s in good condition.

Live within your means

Follow a minimalist lifestyle and let the size of your house determine how much stuff you have. For instance, if your wardrobe is crammed with clothes, try to streamline your outfits, and create a capsule wardrobe rather than make new purchases.

Benefits of a Clutter-Free Home

A clutter-free home is an essential part of living a minimalist lifestyle. Keeping your home neat and organized can also improve your physical and mental health.

BeautyHarmonyLife.com explains how “a cluttered house can increase your cortisol levels, which in turn can make you feel anxious and even depressed.” Whereas people in a tidy home typically have higher productivity, better mood, and less stress.

Here are some other health benefits of a clutter-free home:

  • You will spend less time cleaning.
  • You will feel more confident when friends and family come to visit.
  • You will have a clearer mind.
  • You will save money.

Other Ways to Reduce Stress at Home

There are plenty of other ways to reduce stress at home besides just de-cluttering. First, make sure that you schedule downtime in your day to relax and recharge. For example, you might relax at home by reading, watching television, playing video games, or taking herbal remedies like natural CBD products sold by simplycbdwales.com.


De-cluttering your home has dozens of benefits for your mind, body, and lifestyle. Clearing out your home takes time and effort, especially if you’ve got lots of clutter to deal with. However, it’s well worth it to be left with a tidy, organized, and calm living environment.

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