How to Integrate an Aquarium in Your Interior?

An aquarium is an excellent addition to your home. It doesn’t matter what size you pick; it’s always an exotic affair. You don’t need a massive aquarium to make an impact. Instead, pick a reasonable size and carry it tastefully with your interior. Following, we are going to help you do it.

Ideal Places for an Aquarium

The best place for having an aquarium is somewhere where everyone can see it. But that’s not always the case. Therefore, you have to smarten up and find the best places to put in the aquarium. Following, we are giving some creative examples:

Between Rooms

Put it in the hallway. There is no better way to feature an aquarium and save space. So, benefit from the open archway and show your taste.

Inside Furniture

There are many exquisite aquarium furniture pieces available in the market. These pieces include shelving units, longcase clocks. Piano, and much more. These creative pieces have a very modern outlook. You don’t need to spend a fortune on buying one of these, take a piece of furniture from your home, size it up and search different aquarium manufacturers to find the right fit.  Consult with an expert, and he will help you out.

Above the Bed

An aquarium will make an excellent headboard. You won’t technically sleep with the fishes, but it gives your bedroom a nice touch. If you love your fish, and you want to show off the master bedroom, doing this will take your decor to another level.

Around the Fireplace

There are many ways you can energize a boring fireplace. If you are creative enough, why don’t you add a beautiful aquarium to it? Just mind the water temperature whenever you use the fireplace. But make sure you properly insulate it because you don’t want to boil the fishes alive. Make sure the heat doesn’t bother the fishes. You will need to invest in the design and fitting, but if you nail it, this will be worth every penny.

Coffee Table

If you love your coffee and your fishes, why not get a coffee table with built-in aquariums. There are a few companies that design and sell these unique coffee tables. These tables come in all shape and sizes.

Cabinetry and Counters

Kitchen Cabinets are attached to the floor and ceiling with space in between for countertops. If you can cut some countertop real estate, you can fit an aquarium. The trick is you need to use cabinetry space, but also use it as a divider. If you want, you can have the aquarium built-in the lower cabinetry and keep the countertop space. It will work either way. If not, you can invest in an aquarium counter. Nothing fancy, it’s just a 4-6 feet aquarium with a beautiful countertop. You can use it for storage,etc.

Blend It with the Rest of Your Interior

An aquarium can breathe a new life in your room. When you select an aquarium for your home or office, make sure it blends well with the rest of your interior. The following tips will help you do so:

Choose the Right Size

The Aquarium needs to match the size of available space. The aquarium should be noticeable but shouldn’t dominate your room. An aquarium has its benefits; the smallaquarium is cheap and easy to maintain. A large aquarium brings a wowfactor to the room.

The Right Shape

Modern aquariums come in many shapes, and everyone has their ownbenefits. For example, in-wall aquariums and corner aquariums save space. Cylindrical aquariums can be used as a centerpiece as it has a 360 view. You can integrate these aquariums in a tableor any centerpiece.

Match the Decoration with Rest of Room

It doesn’t matter whether you have a modern interior or minimalist, you have to match the aquarium with your setting. There is a wide variety of aquarium decoration that helps you match the inside of your aquarium with the rest of your interior. Therefore, you need to search the market carefully.

Match the Color Scheme

Matching the interior is not good enough, you also need to choose a complimentary color for the aquarium. Choose some contrast to make the aquarium more noticeable. You can use the color of your aquarium decorations and fish to complement the rest of the room. You can also use the aquarium lighting.

Get A Salt Lamp

Buy Himalayan Salt Lamp, but don’t submerge it into the aquarium/water. These lamps are made of chunks of pure rock salts. The salt puts (Sodium and chloride) in the air. These lamps don’t harm fish. So routinely add salts and do a water change before enough salt gets into the water. Don’t forget the temperature, 80-85F.  These lamps clean the air and emit negative ions. These ions cling to pollutants in air and dissolve them.

Custom Trim, Cabinetry, AndFrames

Match these elements on the exterior of the aquarium and make it seem like an actual part of the room’s design. Don’t make it look like something which was added after you decorated the room. When you choose an aquarium, do consider the rest of your room. When you chose an aquarium, make sure it sits well with your interior. Ask an expert for help to install the aquarium and blend it with the rest of the interior.

Hanging Art Pieces

If you can’t figure out how to blend the aquarium or make it complement your interior, you can tweak the interior to make it welcome the change. An excellent way to do it is by hanging art pieces. Crystal, Glass and clear materials makean excellent choice to complement interiors. You need sparkling art pieces to elevate your room and turn it in a classic space with the aquarium. Try to mimic wave and falling rain; these will improve the visual impact of your aquarium without overwhelming the whole room. Just be careful what theme you pick. Keep things simple and try to drink peacefully.

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