How to create a modern and stylish home

If you are looking to create a home with a difference, or perhaps rethink your current layout and design, then you may want to consider stripping back and decluttering. In fact, the modern and simplistic design remains very much in vogue, which is ideal if you are a fan of sleek lines, simple living and plenty of storage space throughout your home. Even if you have a larger family, the beauty of modernistic living is that it is easy to maintain and upkeep, plus you may even enjoy the space and light of your property even more. If you are keen to create a modern and stylish home,then make sure that you consider how you can make the bestuse of your homes positive features, and enhance areas that you may not have previously considered as adding a touch of style to your living space.

If you are looking to makeover your home, or are even on the lookout for a weekend project, then remember that any home improvement work will take time and money to ensure that you get the results you desire. In particular,if you are considering renovating certain parts of your home, or even making the most of your outside space, you will need to do your research to check that you do not require any permissions. You should also advise your neighbors if this is going to impact their propertyor make any changes that could obstruct their current view. Remember to work out just how much time and cash you are willing to spend, right from day one, so that you do not have an unexpected bill to pay when the majority of the work is complete.

Modern and traditional

Even if you live in a more traditional or classical home, there is no reason why you cannot mix both ancient and modern to create a truly unique style. If you have a few older features around your home that you cannot remove, then consider highlighting them by painting the surrounding walls either a white or striking color, to draw attention and create a greater sense of space in your home. If your property has wooden floorboards,then strip these back and stain them so that you can highlight these key original features. Do not cover them over with synthetic materials or extra layers of wood stain. If you live in a listed buildingand are unable to replace or modify your windows, then you can still make the most of these period features. Get rid of gaudy and garish window dressings and consider using drapes or plain blinds to create a sense of openness by drawing the gaze outwards. If you are looking to create a more modern feel in your home, then choose a simple color palette and try to highlight any features that you already have. The more stripped back and natural your look, the larger and more welcoming your home will feel.

Décor and furniture

If you are looking to create a stylish and open feel in your home, then you will also need to pay attention to the décor and furniture that you use throughout. Make sure that you begin by getting rid of any clutter and excess objects that could be making your home feel too full or dark. If you have a lot of antiques or objects on show, then consider putting them in storage or even get rid of those pieces that you no longer like or use. There is no reason why you need to hide all of your period furnitureor replace it with modern items either, as you can instead keep a few choice items in your living room or family room to help add a sense of style and class. Make sure that you use naturalistic colors and add a few feature walls across your property, to add a few splashes of color. Remember that this is still your homeand not the pages of a design magazine, so you still need to continue to add some personal touches and elements that make your home unique and special to you.

Outside space solutions

If you are lucky enough to have an outside space, then you can still create a minimalist look and feel in your backyard or garden. Be sure to choose leafy, green plants or fronds to break up your garden, and add in a water feature to highlight certain areas. It will be up to you to keep on top of your gardening and get rid of any weeds or unkempt grass. If you work from home,then you could even consider investing in an outside office space if you are lucky enough to have a large backyard. Consider Conex Boxes as the ideal solution in which you can build your home office. Finally,finish off your outside space with a few steel or metal sculptures, but only a few! Try not to overcrowd your garden and make the most of the space and room that you already have.

If you are keen to live a more minimalist and modern life, then you will need to decide which areas of your property you are looking to update or makeover. Remember that any restoration work will take time and can be costly if you are not prepared. Highlight any key features that you already have in your home, and break up large spaces with bright colors. Make sure that you do not get rid of all of your personal touches, but do make a feature of any period furniture and get rid of excess clutter and objects. If you are lucky enough to have outside space,then consider steel storage containers as a solution to create an outside office, and plant your garden with greenery to make the most of your outside space. Aim not to overfill your home, and enjoy the light and space that your property already offers. By making a few changes,you will soon have a stylish and thoroughly modern home to enjoy.

Alec Neufeld is a retired builder, now freelance writer and part-time general fix it man. He has strong opinions on the use of alternate energy and is also an avid sports enthusiast.

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