How to Add Value to Your Home with Paint

Painting a house in the past was done just to give color. But now it is also a form of art and design, which transforms the house significantly. This transformation done through painting not only makes the house beautiful but also adds value to it.

It does not cost big to paint the house. Once the painting is done, it increases the value of the home tremendously. Painting gives a different edge and brings out positive vibes. Here are 5 things that will increase the value of your home if painted correctly suggested by Newline Painting Melbourne:

Start with exterior

The first impression is the lasting impression. This is always correct. When the house is well painted from all sides with great color combination, you will certainly fall in love with it. You must have noticed that some houses are so bluntly painted that one never feels like going inside. If you paint your exterior well then you will leave a good impression on anyone visiting your house – be it a prospective buyer, a guest or any other person. And if you are looking for a paint zoom sprayer to support your efforts, click here.

Fences and the doors

If your house has fences, paint them too. Paint these fences matching the exterior of the house. This will show how much you care about the entire house. Many don’t care about fences as they feel they are not part of the house. This is not true. Fences surround the house and also an integral part of it. One can enter inside a home after crossing the fences only. Paint them with a bright color so that everyone can see it even at night.

The same idea is with the door. A door is the main entrance of the house. This should be painted a little differently than the exterior. The door’s color usually should be contrasting to the exterior so that one can distinguish the door easily.

Have a color theme for rooms

Always have a theme for rooms. If you want each room to have a different color, then make sure it suits you. Don’t paint blunt or dull color, which spoils the mood once entered inside. Paint each room with lively colors like white, lemon or any other color, which refreshes the mood. You should also understand that lively doesn’t mean flashy. Picking a color for a room is very deceiving as the kid’s room require different color than the master bedroom or kitchen or dining in that case. So, be selective and choose a good palate so that it adds value to your home.

Don’t leave things unpainted

The railing of the staircase, grills of the windows, cabinets of the kitchen all should be painted. Some house owners leave these without painted but this is something which should be attended to. Painting them will also help us to hide their age. If these are well painted, it will add positive value to the house. But consider one thing that these things should be painted taking the color of the rooms or ceiling into consideration.


When walls are painted, you shouldn’t leave the ceilings. The false ceiling is made in the house to make it attractive. Along with false ceiling, chandelier and others are also added to the ceiling to beautify the house. Paint the ceiling with white to make it look regal. Bright white makes ceiling look distinctive and neat thus adding value to the entire home.

Painting on these five things will add value to your home. Realtors have found out that a well-painted home is easy to sell and adds up to 7-8% higher than the same house, which is not finely painted. This clearly speaks in volume that painting adds immense value to the house and how and where to paint is all you need to know.

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