How Home Security Has Progressed Throughout the Decades

Over the years, we have seen many significant changes in home security, and it’s impressive to see the technology that is now being used. But it doesn’t just stop there. Today we are still coming up with new home security systems that can help us make sure we are as safe as possible. In this article, we’ll discuss how home security has progressed throughout the decades. 

Video surveillance 

Before video surveillance was invented, only alarms were able to be installed in homes. If an intruder did break-in, there was really no record to determine who it was, making it difficult to track down the criminal. Today video surveillance is so advanced that the images are almost perfectly clear, and it has helped track down thousands of home intruders around the world. 

Wireless systems 

All security systems before the invention of WIFI had to be wired into a home. This process took a lot of time and was quite invasive as they had to go through the wall in many cases. Wireless systems offered a fantastic change, as they took much less time to install and don’t require as much maintenance. It also made the devices much more affordable, as there were no extreme labor costs. On top of you can even get an alarm system that is monitored by a company 24/7 for added protection.  

Smart locks 

Aside from the standard alarm and surveillance. Smart security systems can have a range of add ons to make your home even safer. Smart locks can be installed in place of your regular locks that work when activated by your mobile phone. You no longer need to have a key and can monitor who enters your home and at what time.  

Cloud storage 

If you watch a lot of old crime shows, you probably notice how they use VHS tapes to go through old surveillance. This takes up a lot of space, and errors can always occur. On top of this, it’s easy for a tape to be stolen and destroyed. Today, most wireless systems upload everything onto the cloud, so all of your footage is stored in a safe, secure place.  

Fire/Carbon dioxide detectors 

Lastly, another great advantage of modern home security systems is that they can include other safety measures as well. Today if you purchase a full system, you will probably get fire and carbon dioxide detectors included. When it detects smoke or notices the levels of carbon dioxide are unsafe, an alarm will go off, and you’ll be notified via your phone. They are so accurate that some say they will detect fires much more quickly than the average fire alarm. 

And that’s it! It truly is incredible to see the changes that have occurred over the years. If you’re thinking of making an upgrade to your home, then you should definitely consider getting a home security system. They are one of the best ways to make sure you and your family are safe, and your belongings are secure.

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