How do you use old furniture in a new house?

Whether you’re in the process of moving from one home to another, or you’re just about to move into your new home, you’re going to be faced with the issue of old furniture.

Old furniture doesn’t have to be old! It simply means furniture you’ve had for a while in your old house, or that has been given to you. In short, it’s not brand new. 

Of course, old furniture is a great help when you first move in, it allows you to have seats, tables, and perhaps even beds. That makes it much easier to call your house a home.

But, you want your house to reflect your personality and this may not be simple if you have an array of old furniture looking at you. Actually, with a little imagination, anything is possible.

Embrace It

You can simply embrace the old furniture and create a mismatched period style home that looks fantastic. Just because the furniture is old doesn’t mean that it’s not still useful. All you have to do is organize the furniture to ensure it is practical and well-laid out. 

You may find that you actually like the style!

Re-finish It

Another option to really transform the old furniture and stamp your own mark on your home is to re-finish it. This means getting professional French polishing done on some pieces, aging others, and even repainting some as well.

You can also add features to each item to help them reflect your personality and sit well in each of the rooms of your new home.

You will need to approach this carefully to ensure the pieces look good and not like someone has attacked them with a paintbrush. It’s also a good idea to verify that they are not genuine antiques that need to be looked after, once you’ve painted them you’ll struggle to remove the paint!

Add Colorful Decor

If you’re not sure about refinishing your furniture then you can go to town on the soft furnishings, these are often the bits that make a house a home. Soft furnishings can be bright, cheerful, different in each room, and even draped across your furniture, creating any effect you want.

In fact, the right soft furnishings can pull a room of miss-matched furniture together perfectly, creating the illusion that you designed it this way and sourced each piece of furniture on purpose!

Let It Be

Your home is for living and relaxing in, it’s possible you can spend too much time thinking about what it looks like. If the old furniture does the job you need it to do then it may be worth just leaving it as it is and enjoying it. After all, you’ve probably got lots of other things you’d rather be doing with your time!

Don’t forget, this is your home and it’s what makes you comfortable, you don’t need to keep up with the latest trend and have a picture-perfect home, you need one that you’re comfortable in and old furniture gives a house warmth, that can make it a home.

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