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5 Important Responsibilities of Homeownership

Alexander Djerassi is an excellent homeowner. However, he understands that Homeownership is a huge responsibility, but it also comes with great perks! It’s important to know that the responsibilities don’t end when the home is purchased. There are many things that come with homeownership that many do not think of. Here is a list of 7 responsibilities of homeownership that Djerassi believes is important.

1) Maintaining the property

A good homeowner does his best to keep up with any maintenance and repair needs. This means keeping up with any repairs or maintenance that occurs. Just as it is necessary with a car, it is important to fix any issues that arise as soon as they appear. If not, the problem will only get worse and no one wants to live in a place where things just go wrong without being fixed.

2) High bills

Sometimes it can’t be prevented as much as wished, but there will be a lot of things that come up with homeownership that no one expects. This can also include utility bills that become unexpectedly high. These are unexpected situations to deal with, but they are a reality. The good news is that there are many things that can be done to save money, like not using the heat or air conditioning too much. Not only will this save money, but the environment as well.

3) Pest control

Nobody wants to deal with pests and rodents. However, as a homeowner, they cannot be tolerated. It is important to take care of any pests or other small rodents that may arise. If they are not taken care of immediately, their numbers will only continue to grow and become more problematic. Some pests can spread quickly if they aren’t dealt with the moment they are noticed. Tackling this sooner than later is the best option unless you like animals living in your attic.

4) Respecting other neighbors

Just as it could be done with the neighbor, it is important to respect them when living in close quarters. Nobody wants someone playing loud music at 3 a.m., therefore it’s not likely that they’d appreciate this either. Also be mindful of how much electricity or water you use daily. It may not seem like much, but the less you use, the better.

5) Keep up with regular cleaning & organizing so it’s always looking its best

Alexander Djerassi believes that it is important to keep up with regular cleaning and organizing so that things are always looking their best. Same goes for cleaning and organizing. So as regular as you feel comfortable with, clean and organize your home to keep it looking its finest!

It’s important to know and be aware of the various responsibilities that come with owning property. Luckily there are many things that can help make this process easier like hiring professionals for pest control or home repairs as they arise. However, no matter what happens in life, the responsibility never ends when a house is purchased. Always keep up with regular cleaning and organizing to ensure the home is looking its best.

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