• Photo of Smokeless Grill

    Smokeless Grill

    This uniquely designed Iga-yaki earthenware grill promotes to sear meats with those satisfying grill marks, but without an excess of smoke whether indoors or out. Because the earthenware grill is made of the naturally porous clay from Iga, Japan, the grill tends…

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  • Photo of Font Clock

    Font Clock

    Font Clock – by London designer Sebastian Wrong – features a flip mechanism and displays the date and time using a combination of 12 different fonts. The clock comes in three sizes. A tabletop version, which just displays the time, and…

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  • Minimal Desk

    So, I’ve recently been looking to upgrade my simple IKEA desk to something more practical. While I still haven’t pulled the trigger on any one of them, I thought it be nice to share my top 5 findings. Platform by…

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  • Photo of Calendar Tape Set

    Calendar Tape Set

    Make your own calendar, on any wall, with this set of masking tapes. A genius idea consisting of months, days, date & then a reel for notes as well. Simply align them as you wish and stick to the wall.…

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  • Photo of NEKO Cat Tree

    NEKO Cat Tree

    Gone are the days of those carpet-covered monstrosities, which can now be replaced with the NEKO cat tree. The mostly wooden cat tree features a marble base that holds a hemp cord covered pillar with three elevated levels for rest…

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  • Photo of Beautiful Incense Holders

    Beautiful Incense Holders

    We are in love with this series of incense holders! Using elementary geometric shapes and concrete, the family-operated Kin Object’s incense holders are simple, yet rather capable of sparking the imagination. Some may remember science class dioramas of the earth, while…

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  • Photo of Minimal Fire Extinguisher

    Minimal Fire Extinguisher

    A Japanese company that has been making firefighting equipment for almost 130 years, designed a minimal set of fire extinguishers to encourage people to keep one in their home. Love it!

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    Check out this ambitious ambient LED lamp with integrated 2.1 bluetooth speaker system. Find out more. The Cloud is a motion-triggered lightning & thunder performance, as well as a music-activated visualizing speaker. As an interactive lamp and speaker system designed to…

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  • Photo of A personal space for the open office

    A personal space for the open office

    In today’s modern workplace, we’re more connected and collaborative than ever. We run between meetings and conference calls with little time to ourselves. But all great ideas need room to grow. In the open office, people need space and quiet,…

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  • Photo of Samsung Space Monitor Optimizes Desk Space With Minimalist Design

    Samsung Space Monitor Optimizes Desk Space With Minimalist Design

    Using a larger display monitor has been attributed to improving productivity. But those larger dimensions do come at the cost of desk space, requiring enough desk space to accommodate monitor footprints. It’s a compromise addressed by the Samsung Space Monitor. The sleek adjustable display…

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  • Photo of Shelving Inspired by DIY Shelves

    Shelving Inspired by DIY Shelves

    Lausanne-based design studio BIG-GAME designed a modern and streamlined shelving system that takes inspiration from that unlikely source – the age-old, DIY block + board shelf. The BLOCK shelves, designed for Belgian furniture brand Cruso, are composed of vertical steel components and oak finished…

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