• Organic Bag

    If you ever wished to have a massive bag but don’t sacrifice your minimalist style, you should check out The Organic Company’s Big Organic Bag. At an oversized 35″ x 18″ x 14″ size, it has enough room for basically anything…

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  • Bears Cave Kids Room

    Interior designers Carla Barconte and Ludmila Drudi, of Estudio Plök, and architect Mariana Paccieri joined forces to design a fun and inspiring bedroom for kids called #thebearscave. Designed for Casa Foa 2018, Argentina’s most prestigious architecture and interior design trade…

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  • Minim Rise Sit|Stand

    Interesting dual workstation concept by Brooklyn-based UHURU CONTRACT named MINIM RISE SIT|STAND. Really like the idea of this! The desk is outfitted with a powerful electronic lift system that’s built right into the sturdy steel base so it’s hidden away…

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  • Roll-Out Table

    The perfect table for the ever-entertaining host or hostess. Marcus Voraa‘s Roll-Out Table is beechwood crafted with a beeswax-treated surface, finished off with steel and canvas. The length of the table can be adjusted by sliding the end out and…

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  • Meditation Pod

    Meditation Pod

    We all know work can be draining and tedious after sitting behind a computer screen for countless hours everyday. Luckily companies are doing more and more to combat work burnout in hopes of increasing employee productivity and happiness. One such…

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  • Mellow Acrylic Vases

    When designing their Mellow Collection of acrylic vases, Korea-based design studio HATTERN mixed blurred finishes with transparent ones, which lets the vases optically change depending on the light hitting them. The acrylic blocks are dyed inside with six primary colors – red,…

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  • TONE Factory Minimalist Turntable

    Back in the day a turntable was mostly simply a device to play your vinyl, but in a minimal space it’s also an audio compenent likely to be left out in the open within the home. Tone Factory’s Tone minimalist turntable fits…

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  • Mudita Bell Alarm Clock

    A peaceful, friendly and beautiful E-Ink alarm clock. I love this idea of a ‘calm’ alarm clock. Not only are the alarm tones “natural and appealing” to gently nudge you out of bed instead of making you jump out of…

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  • KATRIS Nest Makes Your Cat Happy

    Lovingly designed cat products have become much more of the norm, allowing pet owners to say goodbye to those dated, carpet-covered eyesores that have always flooded the market. Companies like KATRIS take aesthetics into account just as much as how the product…

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  • Inflatable Pool

    Check out these inflatable pools designed by Mylle – these are not your average children pools! These things are perfect for a bit of yard space or a rooftop deck at your apartment. Drag it out for summer parties, pack it in…

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  • Endless Rain Record

    A vinyl phonograph record created by Japanese artist Kouichi Okamoto (a.k.a. Bekkou). This atmospheric record has circular grooves on its “drop” side, allowing the raindrop sounds to loop endlessly. The “rain” side includes a 10-minute track, featuring soothing sounds of…

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