Home Spa: The Bathroom Trend in Times of COVID-19

Last year’s events, revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic, turned our world upside down, to say the least. As country after country was getting affected, we found ourselves in the uncertainty of what tomorrow might bring. This is reflected in our lifestyles, habits, and choices.

Dealing with fear and stress on a daily basis as a result of going through quarantines and lockdowns, working from home, and being under the same roof with the same people 24/7 influenced a need for escapism in our abodes. Not surprisingly, the effect on interior design trends, particularly the bathroom, left a tendency towards relaxation and cleanliness, with the emphasis being on self-care.

The Trend of the Purifying Home Spa

Being compelled to stay at home and not being able to travel or visit local spas meant more and more people felt the need to revamp their bathrooms into sanctuaries where they can go to unwind and de-stress to better cope with the situation. Sure, bathroom trends in recent years have more or less been focused on relaxation but never before has there been such a huge interest in establishing bathing rituals. The following are some ideas on how you can welcome the trend in your life.

Find the Perfect Bathtub

One of the basic bathroom upgrades that assist with resetting you physically, mentally and emotionally is the addition of a tub. Luckily, with the versatile designs of baths Australia stores provide, you won’t have trouble finding the ideal one that suits your sanctuary as much as your bathing needs.  

From modern freestanding and classy clawfoot styles to space-savvy drop-in and corner tubs, there’s the right model for every home spa! Deciding on the one perfect model is a process that involves plumbing as well as spatial considerations, so to be on the safe side it’s advisable to consult professionals and maybe even use a bathroom design app or 3D planner for the best layout.

Remembering baths are crucial for purification on a deeper level and aren’t just meant for washing off germs, grime, and dirt, you also might like to pair them with showers. This would allow you to mainly use the tub for relaxing soaks, whereas showers would serve for the quick rinse before baths.

Get the Soothing Bathtub Alternative

While the cleansing and soothing benefits of baths have been known to humankind for centuries, not all of us can afford to acquire a stylish and functional bath tub – be it for lack of budget or lack of space. Whichever your reason for not getting one, the great news is even the shower can do the relaxation trick.

There are some ways you can turn the shower area into your perfect escape where you can steam off amid uncertainty. One of them is focusing on the wide range of showerhead and shower tapware, choosing from incredible models that would give you the soothing experience you expect to get from fancy hotel showers in the example of rainfall designs.  

The other way is to make the area functional with the help of niches where you can store all of your showering essentials, from soaps, shampoos and conditioners to loofahs and shower melts as the bath bomb alternatives. And perhaps even you could welcome a comfortable chair to slow down your showering ritual pace. Lastly, take care of the lighting, either by adding an accent light with a soft glow nearby or by letting more natural light in with more windows and glass panels instead of shower curtains.

Acquire the Essential Accessories

Following in the footsteps of celebs, in the likes of model and businesswoman Miranda Kerr and role model organising consultant Marie Kondo who take self-care and well-being seriously, de-stressing is all about adopting the right bathing rituals. Besides establishing a timeframe for your relaxation and pampering, the key to getting in the habit of de-stressing on a daily basis also lies in having the right set of accessories for your baths Australia has fallen in love with.

Much like in spas, it’s important to create the perfect soothing ambience that treats all of your senses, so it’s recommended to use aromas as much as sounds as your means. In terms of elevating your comfort, a bath caddy is of the essence as it offers plenty of storage for your bathing essentials, so the simple addition of this accessory would make you feel like your bathroom came straight out of the pages of home design magazines.

Layer it with your chosen set of essential oils to use aromatherapy to your advantage, add a candle, a glass of your favourite wine, a dish with some nutritious fruits, tune in some spa music on the smartphone, and you’d easily take relaxation to the next level. Other extras that certainly deserve to be part of your bathtub area include brushes for mid-bathing scrubs or the benefits of dry brushing, salts for detoxification, and plush towels for luxury spa-like cosiness.

Maintain Cleanliness in the Sanctuary

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic taught us, it’s that we ought to start paying cleanliness the attention it deserves. Germs aren’t to be underestimated, especially not in humid environments like bathrooms, so the creation of a stress-free sanctuary requires focusing on the sanitary aspect too.

Along with buying elegant bathroom accessories for smart living, maintaining a clean relaxing zone means you’d have to carefully choose the materials and finishes of the baths Australia homeware retailers have in store to make sure what you end up with is easy to clean. Moreover, you’d significantly benefit from purchasing low maintenance acrylic fixtures, which also happen to be affordable and lightweight, or antibacterial and stain-resistant vitreous china.

Get in the habit of cleaning bathtubs right after the baths to cut down the cleaning time. Natural stone surfaces, like those made of quartz, for countertops are recommended as well, and so are ceramic glazed tiles for floors as they would further simplify your sanitising tasks. As for the toilet, if you can’t afford to invest in an advanced high-tech design, you’d choose well if you opt for the rimless toilet seat.

A bidet would come in handy too so give it some thought even if you aren’t that big of a fan of this fixture! Also, don’t forget to upgrade the ventilation to prevent serious mould problems, particularly if you don’t have many windows, and consider the addition of plants in the likes of peace lillies, ferns, and bromelias. They’re your best pals for air purification!

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