Growing Food in a Small Garden

If you have a smaller than average garden, you might assume that you won’t be able to grow your own food. Knowing that you have a smaller outdoor space, it might not be something that you’ve really given much consideration. Or you might be jealous of friends and family that grow crops each year.

However, there are several ways to grow food in even a very small space. You might not be able to grow everything that you’d like, but a small space shouldn’t stop you from growing some fruit, vegetables, and herbs to enjoy.

Why Grow Your Own Food?

There are so many benefits to growing food at home. For one, it’s a great way to teach your family about food. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is also better for the environment since you aren’t relying on transportation to supermarkets to get your food. Homegrown food is always organic and safe too, and it often seems to taste better.

But how can you enjoy these benefits when you are short on space? Here are some tips on growing food in a small garden, even if you don’t have anywhere to plant!

Install a Vertical Garden

If you have a wall or a fence, you can install a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are a great way to grow fruit and veg, as well as plants, flowers, and herbs, and because they grow vertically, they are easier to harvest, you waste less water, and you don’t need any floor space. To learn more about vertical gardens and living walls click here.

Grow in Bags

Large crops like potatoes grow really well in large sturdy bags, like the kinds that you can buy for heavy shopping. You can also buy grow bags like these online. Make sure the bags are deep enough for your crops to root, and you have a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Then, you just need to make sure your crops have got space to grow.

Another option is growing in the bags that your soil comes in, just ripping into the top to plant, and adding a few holes to the bottom.

Grow in Window Boxes

An herb garden can be a wonderful addition to your home, and fresh herbs are always better than dried ones. You can grow herbs in small window boxes, even if you don’t have a garden. Another option is growing in long, thin, planters along the side of your house – just make sure they get some light.

Grow in Pots and Planters

Herbs and plenty of vegetables only need the soil to be 30cm deep to grow well. If you have any old pots or planters on your deck, clean them out and use them for veggies. Rectangular pots can work better, as you won’t waste as much space.

Grow in Hanging Baskets

Small fruits like strawberries and raspberries, tomatoes, and even chili plants can grow incredibly well in even fairly small hanging baskets. These are also very colorful and will look lovely in your garden.

The hardest part of growing food in a small garden is prioritizing. You won’t be able to grow everything, so don’t try. Instead, choose your favorites, or options that don’t need much space or depth.

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