GPO Brooklyn Boombox

Ever wish to own one of these iconic boomboxes from the 80s but you don’t want to miss the modern features like Bluetooth and USB connectivity? Then check out the GPO Brooklyn Boombox.

The look of this one is straight out of the ’80s, but it has some nice technology under the hood. The best of both worlds! The boombox can play CDs as well as cassettes – and yes you can even record on the cassettes! It also has USB ports and Bluetooth, so you can pick up FM radio channels if you go the old-fashioned route, but it lets you connect it via Bluetooth and opens up to a world of streaming services and more!

Sporting two 40-watt speakers, a rechargeable lithium battery with up to four hours of playback, and most importantly, it’s big and heavy like any good boombox is supposed to be!

The Brooklyn Boombox is $260 on Amazon.

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