Get That Look: How to Add Rustic Details Into Your Home

There is an appeal to rustic décor that has not lost its unique charm over the centuries, as even celebrities can’t seem to get enough of it. However, rustic in interior décor doesn’t always mean that you will have to go full-on countryside with your décor though. In fact, the key is in adding rustic details to a modern home setting, irrespective of the location of the actual domicile. In case you are in love with the old country décor like so many of us are, here are a few proven methods to add a bit of the country to your home and make your interiors look fabulous while doing so.

The Colours of Nature

The term rustic usually signifies simplicity and a rural lifestyle, so when we say colours of nature we mean the natural brown shades of wood, the green hues of the forest in summer, the blue of the ocean, and the grey of stones. These are the primary colours which you will concentrate on, alongside using actual wood and stone to decorate some parts of the house. As we are trying to add detail, rather than build the entire property in a country theme, the placement of the natural themed design elements needs to be the highlighted points with appropriate accent lighting.

Furniture from the Countryside

You do not really have to bring in furniture from the countryside, of course, it only needs to look like you did! That wooden desk or the dresser which has been deliberately designed to look a little old and battered will do wonders as far as adding rustic detail to the original décor is concerned.

The dining table and the chairs can also represent the theme and it will naturally become a place of highlight. There are so many types of classic dining furniture to choose from, but always remember to keep quality and functionality in mind as well.

The Classic Wall Clock

There is no better way to add detail to any décor than to use a wall clock which represents the theme you are trying to highlight. Besides, it’s one of the comparatively cheaper options, which doesn’t take any effort at all, aside from making the right choice, of course. We are going to go with a classic, countryside clock here, to stay in line with the rustic theme.

The classic wall clock is actually a very loose definition to describe anything and everything in the wall clock department that helps to add a rustic appeal to your overall décor. Look for something like the Casa Uno Antique Iron and Woodon OhClocks, which is a wall clock that looks like something right out of a classic novel from the 1800s. We like the designs on the Baxter Glass Plate Blackas well, which would be at home in a country manor’s master bedroom. OhClockshas a huge collection of clocks in every design and department, so do check the site out for more options.

Understand that some of the suggestions here go perfectly with a full-on country décor as well, the classy wall clock being a perfect example of that. If you want your home to become representative of a simpler, but gorgeous lifestyle from an era gone by, feel free to do so because it can most definitely work just as well. However, if you only want to create highlight points, stay with a décor that predominantly consists of basic colours such as black, white, brown and grey because that will allow the rustic highlights to shine through better.

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