With the gaming console market growing by leaps and bounds, here’s London based startup Piixl that is designing a minimalist living room gaming machine called G-Pack. Different to the Xbox and Playstation, the special thing about G-Pack is that is attaches to the back of you TV, enabling you to have your living room completely clutter free, while still giving a full gaming PC experience.


G-Pack is our Windows-based gaming machine. It combines design and performance like never before, with a smart Steam “Big Picture” implementation, ground-breaking chassis system and leading-edge components. Inaudible thanks to an exclusive cooling system and centrifugal fans for ultra-quiet operation. Blazingly fast and compatible with all processors and GPUs available today.

G-Pack is coming to Kickstarter soon, head over to their website and subscribe to their Newsletter to be the first to know when the campaign goes live!

Check this video for more information:

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